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I'm a full time professional photographer who specializes in architectural and lifestyle photography. I've been published in fancy magazines and hired by major institutions, but Flickr is my melting pot for a combination of personal and business related images that I'm archiving to share publicly with others.

The majority of my public images on Flickr have a Creative Commons license that allows for editorial sharing so long as the images are unaltered, not used for commercial purposes, and credited back to

If you'd like to license an image for commercial use or fine art printing - please get in touch with me directly through my website:

I'd love to connect with you via social media:
Twitter: @anneruthmann

When I'm not doing my own photography work, I'm offering workshops and advice on the business of photography over on and contributing free articles and unsolicited advice on!

A little more about me...
• Photography is what I do for a living and I absolutely love it
• I believe in the power of an image to spread good in the world
• I love to adventure- around the block or around the world
• I believe everyone has a great story to tell
• I love kissing pictures
• I'm a self-professed Mac Geek
• I've also been a professional musician (singer, choral/classical)
• My husband is pretty awesome too (
• My desk is a bit cluttered, but I know where everything is
• I'm a dog person
• I'd rather walk 10 miles than run 1 mile
• I crave anything different than status quo
• I love a good Pad See-ew
• Fresh bread and dark chocolate are my addictions
• My favorite date is a picnic at an outdoor music concert
• I think folk music is cool
• I love supporting other independent artists

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  • WilderParty_2016-06-29_21-06-24-1 by Anne Ruthmann
  • WilderParty_2016-06-29_21-06-05 by Anne Ruthmann
  • 04_NewYorkNewDesign16-2236 by Anne Ruthmann
  • 03_NewYorkNewDesign16-2232 by Anne Ruthmann
  • 01_NewYorkNewDesign16-2225 by Anne Ruthmann
  • 02_NewYorkNewDesign16-2230 by Anne Ruthmann
  • 05_NewYorkNewDesign16-2237 by Anne Ruthmann
  • 07_NewYorkNewDesign16-2242 by Anne Ruthmann
  • 11_NewYorkNewDesign16-2257 by Anne Ruthmann
  • 08_NewYorkNewDesign16-2243 by Anne Ruthmann
  • 09_NewYorkNewDesign16-2244 by Anne Ruthmann
  • 06_NewYorkNewDesign16-2241 by Anne Ruthmann

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    *once upon a memory {robin}* says:

    "Anne is AMAZING. I was introduced to her work by Nicole Blair of Nicole Ladonne Photography. I have since been addicted to her blog, her website, and now her flickr images. Her work is refreshing and emotional."

    June 4th, 2008

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    CincyKim says:

    "Anne's artistry and originality never ceases to inspire me. She has a killer "eye" and penchant for creating exceptionally stunning images, no doubt, but what really stands out in her work is personality. There is a remarkable connection she makes with her subjects, and In just viewing a few images of a given couple, I get such a sense of who they are. Given the extraordinary character and beauty of her work, she would certainly be entitled to a grand ego to match, but in fact, she is a class-act all around, and a selfless, generous mentor to so many of us."

    May 22nd, 2008

  • view profile

    Amy Wadlington says:

    "Anne's work is inspirational. Her photographs have a life and they commence so much emotion. Anne has the ability to draw me into her subject/s so much that I feel like I know the them (or at least want to know them!) :) She has been blessed with a true gift."

    May 21st, 2008

  • view profile says:

    "one word...incredible. every photo looks like an ad in a magazine. beautiful work. if i weren't already married, i'd have anne shoot my wedding. just great work."

    May 15th, 2008

  • view profile

    amy.SilverBox says:

    "how wonderful it is when a photographer's wit, charm + whimsy come shining through their! Anne Ruthmann is that kind of girl! We've not met in person, but Anne's ideas + insight have at times motivated, inspired and reassured me. Thank you, Anne, for giving so much to so many! ~ amy enderle, SilverBox Photographers"

    March 2nd, 2008

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    cohnfrankelphotography says:

    "What can I say about Anne that hasn't already been said? Anne is one of those photographers whose work makes you think to yourself, "why didn't I think of that?!". Her approach to her subjects is consistently innovative and fresh--it's impossible to get bored looking at her images.

    As if that weren't enough, she is also a funny, generous, awesome person and a admirably strong woman. She is never afraid to be herself, which is something I think most of us could use a lesson in.

    I don't think anyone can deny that she is destined for greatness."

    February 22nd, 2008

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    SamanthaNicole says:

    "I've heard the name Anne Ruthmann through the grapevine for a while now, but only recently have I actually explored her amazing world!
    I'm completely mesmerized by the way she captures people. Not just a face, but a person; complete with their feelings, interactions and emotions.
    On top of that, her beautiful colors and amazing compositions prove that she is truly a master."

    February 12th, 2008

  • view profile

    Blind.Point says:

    """your photographs really leaves me speechless each time i view them! with each photo a story is told and left to the mind of the viewer to imagine... not all photographers can achieve this element of mystery in their work! but i congratulate you because you are gifted with this talent!
    i love all your works! your just so Wonderful ! ^_^ "

    February 9th, 2008

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    Think Splendid™ says:

    "Anne is not only a phenomenal photographer and artist, she is an even better person. She is so generous with her knowledge and I love that she is willing to answer even the most mundane of questions. She is the epitome of a "lovecat"."

    January 15th, 2008

  • view profile

    Blind Soul says:

    "She's pretty, funny, deep, thoughtful, and so damn imaginative! I love cruising through her pics, admiring how special outlook.

    August 1st, 2008

  • view profile

    Neil Cowley says:

    "Anne makes me smile, so I'm sure it will work for you as well - cause I'm a tough customer.

    I didn't know Anne from adam, but one day she wrote asking me for some advice - and something funny came out of it. Since then it's been fun to see her grow in her craft and her creativity; and see all the fun and funny things she makes images of. If you're in the market for a photographer, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her images or her personality."

    January 13th, 2008

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    di0nne says:

    "Anne has an amazing eye for details. She catches moments that most people seem to miss. Her shots always surprise and delight me, she's hugely skilled and a big inspiration."

    December 4th, 2007

  • view profile

    Samsauce says:

    "Clearly one of the best. Not only an awesome photographer but your help to other photographers does not go unnoticed.


    November 29th, 2007

  • view profile

    latif7 says:

    "I like Anne's journalistic approach. Her composition is always nicely done and creative as well. The post-processing brings more life to the pictures. They inspire and I thank Anne for sharing her photos."

    November 21st, 2007

  • view profile

    jess.oatman says:

    "I just love Anne's eye for wedding photogrpahy. It's unique, creative, and eye catching. Her images really draw the viewer in so they can catch a glimpse of what that moment was like.... wonderful. I always find myself going back to her site for inspiration. Great work!!"

    October 19th, 2007

  • view profile

    katy regnier says:

    "I always love checking out Anne's work to see what she'll come up with next! She has such a knack for capturing true emotion and the essence of personality. Her work is consistently gorgeous and always worth coming back to look at one more time!"

    October 17th, 2007

  • view profile

    Ali Walker Photography says:

    "Anne's work is wonderful. As an aspiring wedding photographer, I am always looking at her amazing work for inspiration. What's more, she's incredibly generous and forthcoming with her knowledge. I always look forward to updates in her Flickr stream."

    October 13th, 2007

  • view profile

    redmeg8 says:

    "I don't have enough space to write the multitude of feelings I could share about Anne. As an artist, she has such an instinct & sensitivity for people and who they really are. The photos she did for us were truly, 100%, US. And as a friend, well.... she absolutely ROCKS & I wish we lived closer together. Our friendship is one of those crazy random happenings that make life really awesome. :)"

    October 5th, 2007

  • view profile

    jay.eads says:

    "anne inspires me. i don't care how cliche that sounds, it is the truth. her work is technically wonderful, but it is so accessible that it encourages you to do better yourself. i love looking at the images she creates, but more than that... i love seeing the emotions that anne saw. everything plays into them: the lighting, the angle, the processing, whether she chose color or black & white. look at her photos, read her blog - you'll be glad you did."

    September 28th, 2007

  • view profile

    Donnie... says:

    "**Note to self: Come back tomorrow to look at the rest of Anne's photoset...

    So far everything I've seen is stunning.
    Two days worth of looking and I've deicded that I want to be Anne when I grow up...
    I mean, I strive to gain the talent and eye that she has."

    September 19th, 2007

  • view profile

    RyanGauper says:

    "All i have to say is you are my insperation...i love your work!! i am always excited to see your recent photos... i wish i lived closer to you so I could try and get you to let me shadow you! keep up the amazing work!"

    July 11th, 2007

  • view profile

    {waynette} says:

    "I love to see new images posted by Anne Ruthmann. I have to say her name all together. She is wonderful. I just told a good friend to view her Flickr images – noting what a wonderful relationships images in her portfolio. Wonderful work. Huge fan. Never met her. Don't know her. Love her work. Great things coming from this artist."

    July 4th, 2007

  • view profile

    Little Spooks says:

    "Anne has such a wonderful eye for photography. I love all of her photos and enjoy looking at the new ones she uploads. Keep up the awesome work."

    June 14th, 2007

  • view profile

    oliveshadow says:

    "When i saw Annes photos i thought "So nice! I want to make photo like this. And i want to have photo like this with myself!"
    She is a genius =)"

    April 18th, 2007

  • view profile

    Dane Sanders says:

    "Cool cool cool ..."

    January 7th, 2006

Anne Ruthmann
February 2005
Motown (Detroit, MI)
Greenwich Village, New York, NY, USA
I am:
Female and Taken
Professional Photographer for Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Developers, Resorts
Anne Ruthmann Photography