Apologies if I have just changed your status from friend to contact but I have just discovered that one of my so called 'friends' has been stealing my pictures and uploading them to stock galleries as their own - so I have had a major clearout of my contacts. If I have accidentally removed a genuine friend, charity or artist partner please let me know.

My Photography

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to look at my photographs. Almost all of my spare time is dedicated to animal spotting and photography, so its always nice to know that my work is appreciated.

Why is photography so important to me? I guess its because I'm paasionate about conservation and wildlife. The Felids are my first love, but I consider all living things to be precious and believe that, as custodians of the earth, we each have a duty to protect the planet and all of its inhabitants.

It is my hope that my work can help others to appreciate the beauty and wonder of those with whom we share our world. Consequently, I am always very happy for my photos to be used by any charity that focuses on promoting wildlife or conservation causes. Indeed, I consider it a privelege to be able to help! If you represent such an organisation and would like to use any of my photos then please let me know and I will send you a high resolution copy.

My Favourite Photos
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My Favourite Things
My favourite make of camera is Nikon
My favourite lenses are Nikkor AF-S
My favourite continent is South America
My favourite charities are Panthera and The Snow Leopard Trust
My favourite animals are cheetah, caracal, margay, serval and andean mountain cats

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Anne-Marie Kalus
December 2009
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