The mission of The Anne Frank Project is to encourage communities to utilize the words and wisdom of Anne Frank as a starting point for the intense examination of genocide, intolerance, bigotry and racism as a means towards finding solutions towards an elevated and shared human condition.

Multiple local, national and international initiatives will provide a forum for:

Exploring the impact of Anne Frank’s ideals throughout history, cultures and diverse populations.
Exploring genocide from a variety of disciplines and perspectives.
Exploring current education practices in Holocaust, genocide and tolerance studies.
Exploring the power of storytelling as a primary vehicle for social justice and community reparation.
Honoring the life and wisdom of the countless victims of genocide, hatred and intolerance.
Activating the reality of our Shared Humanity.

The vision of The Anne Frank Project is to provide the world with the necessary tools and vocabulary to activate the forgiveness, unity and peace processes. Arming the world with these new tools will remove the role of bystander from any conflict.

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Anne Frank Project
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