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Urban Fragments”:
An Exhibition of Contemporary Fine Art Photography by Anindo Ghosh

Urban Fragments: Exhibition Invitation

More about the exhibition at

I specialize in available-light / low-light and location photography.

Based in Mumbai, India.

I have selected the most diverse of the photos I have shot, in style, subject and technique, for posting here. Please leave your comments, and I will keep adding photos!

I took a break from active participation in flickr from June 2008 for various reasons.

+------------- PROFILED IN "ASIAN PHOTOGRAPHY" -------------+

The "Pro Profile (PDF)" in the May 2007 issue of Asian
Photography magazine is about me!

The cover photo is by me, and there is a 7-page profile,
with 15 of my photos - including several never published
on flickr or other sites! (Pages 50-57)

Please go read the full article!


+------------- ARTICLE IN "BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY" -------------+

Do grab the June 2007 Anniversary Special issue of
Better Photography magazine. There's an article by me
describing the techniques behind two of my favorite night
photos (Pages 100-101).


+------------- ARTICLE IN "DIGIT MAGAZINE" -------------+

A long time ago (February 2006) "Digit" Magazine did a
story on me... and now they have the complete article
on their web site: Go look.


Photos published in various print magazines

Air India, "Namaskar" Magazine:
Ranwar Village - Heritage under threat * Ranwar Village - Heritage under threat * Ranwar Village - Heritage under threat *

For a food article, "Times of India", New Delhi:
Parsi Food: Lagan nu custard Parsi Food: Dhansak and Rice Parsi Food: Mutton Berry Pulav Parsi Food: Patra ni Machchi

British Airways "Free & Easy" Magazine:
Saligaon Church at night

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* Waterscapes

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  • view profile

    fotoGé says:

    "2009 03 12 update
    recent fotos by Gérard Delisle, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    From Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - thank you for sharing your vision of the world and the earth that we live in and must learn to share and protect.

    The language we use as photographers is universal; no matter what mother tongue we speak.. Together, as photographers, let's continue to share «Le monde tel que nous le percevons» - the world as we perceive it. I am convinced that through our lenses and with our internet connections we will build bridges between peoples and foster a better understanding and tolerance for each other.

    How important it is for us all to value our respective qualities, backgrounds, cultures - no matter how different we may be.

    In closing, please note that I appreciate that you take the time to put your photos in context by adding detailed information with each image. I will try to do that more often.

    Let's keep in touch, my friend from India.


    p.s. My daughter Mélanie Poulin-Delisle --- 21 years old --- is now exploring and discovering parts of India.

    She arrived only a few days ago. Until at least mid-December, she will be spending quiet times in Colva, Goa. There, she is recharging her batteries after the weeks spent in France, Spain and Germany, since her departure from Ottawa, Canada, mid September.

    Via internet, she is completing some university assignments that are due soon. She is registered for three distance education courses with the University of New Brunswick, in Fredericton - Eastern Canada.

    Brave, curious and spunky lady, ''my'' Mimi!

    And Me? Well, I am a proud father who says to Mélanie: «Merci». Because of her, even thousands of miles separate us, I am slowly discovering India. By ''coincidence'', on November 28 I TWICE met and chatted with a bus driver in Ottawa. Only after telling him about Mélanie being in India, did he confide in me that India is his country of origin. I am glad he and I have made plans to meet soon for soup and a sandwich.

    - 30 -"

    March 12th, 2009

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    s8ind says:

    "Anindo has clicked some great pics....

    His painting the sky, Himalyan series are real good ones.... but the best pics are beauty & the beach (side A & B).... there's something about these two pics...."

    May 31st, 2006

Anindo Ghosh
November 2005
The World
Mumbai, India
I am:
Male and Taken
Photography by Anindo Ghosh