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I am a photographer and professor and researcher of Neuroeconomics (quite an interesting combination!). In case you wonder... Neuroeconomics is an economist with research on

human decision-making, using neuroscience and its research methods... I experiment with hormones on volunteers.

Photography comes from my art background of a few years back, when I was young, and I was a painter, potter, and sculptor. Now I do paintings on the computer using both Adobe

Photoshop CS5 and Corel Painter 11.

To see my paintings, visit and my photography for hire you

can see at my main website

I live in Southern California, USA with my family of husband, 2 grown up and married sons (within walking distance from my home), my mother (living with me), a dog and a cat,

some of my neighbors' cats who are my cat's friends and show up under my couch every now and then, and a million birds that I feed, who sometimes end up in my house in the

process of escaping hawks, bluebirds, or my cat.

I am a nature girl; I leave no stone unturned, no flower without a sniff, and no creature without being photographed.. but I do all this without leaving a mark on nature.

Everything is alive and crawling, flying, etc., when I take a picture of it, nothing is dead. occasionally I will cut a flower but even that I prefer to photograph in nature

as it is in the dirt. When I photograph people I prefer to use candid photography with my camera on remote.

I now work for hire for on location photography, such as weddings and engagements, and I also have a full studio set up with both photo continuous lights (for kids and pets)

and with strobes (for anything else). I particularly love to photograph couples, portraits, family, and kids. If you or someone you know is looking for a photographer, please

give them my email: angela@stantonphotostudios and ask them to contact me. I will offer a 20% discount to clients who are referred to me by my flickr buddies!

View my photos at

My photo equipment:


Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D.


Canon EF 300mm f/4.0 L IS USM telephoto (super just weighs a ton). I actually sold this lens on but here are samples so you can see what the lens can do.

Here are a few samples:

Hoppie~ the face of mischief!Feeding for the nest046-<br />
<br />
2010-1-8-wood duck

Canon EF 70-200mmm f/2.8L IS II USM zoom telephoto--my favorite lens at the moment, this is the lens that replaced the 300mm mentioned above, even though it is heavier

than my 300mm lens. Here are some samples:

Mourning Dove- the male

antique daisy - apparently Gaillardia "The Sun"

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4.0L USM I loved this lens. I found it to be the most useful and versatile but I hated the f4.0 max aperture, which needed a ton of light, So I no

longer have this lens either--sold on I used it for landscapes, obviously, since it is a super wide angle, but I also used it for portraits!

Here are a couple of HDR samples:

Golden Hour on duck pondyet one more sunset 11 HDR

Here is a sample using this super wide angle on a bridal shower using it at 23mm:

the bride's surprize corsage

The lens I replaced this with is yet to materialize... =) The one I want is a bit pricey... but I did purchase an interim great lens: Canon EF 24-70mm f.2.8L USM . This

is a very good "street lens" that can do just about anything except it is not wide enough for all type of shooting. Here are some samples I took with this lens so far:

Mosaic Canyon in HDR

Artist's Pallet in Artist's Canyon

and a panorama to round it all out:

The Flan

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 IS macro lens is a fantastic replacement for the same lens without IS. With this I have been taking some great shots of late. Here are some


What incredible camouflage

Oil and Water - a beautiful mix

Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 (this is a fantastic portrait lens but now I am discovering it as a super artsy lens for just about anything mid-range. The bokeh it creates is the

best I have seen - among my lenses - and it is a small and very lightweight lens. It is very clear, no vignetting whatsoever ... however, it is a soft-focus lens to a large

degree as a result of the extremely large aperture of 1.8. So the point of extreme focus is VERY tiny. But as I found out on my latest experiment, it is a pretty cool lens in

general. Here is a sample that I placed a painterly finish on:

fruit bowl-photo paint

Canon EF 15mm f.2.8L fisheye lens. I love the fisheye!! Use it all the time. Here are a couple of samples:

Inside The House

Walking among the Giants

And finally, a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 normal lens. Here is a sample:
Hoppie to the limit

I also use a Kenko extension tube set (3 rings) with my macro lens to get even closer. With the Kenko I can get 6:1.

Here are some examples using this Kenko set:

my <br />
<br />
dog's eyewaterdrops on grassBee

Photoshop has a super fisheye impersonator, here is an example of that:

The size of the storm that just passed

I also have a Canon 2x extender for the telephoto....
Here is a sample of using the 2x with the 300mm:

022-2009-10-04-harvest moon

and with the 70-200 zoom lens:

My <br />
<br />
favorite color of the day - new lens arrived!!!

I use a medium duty Manfrotto tripod and a Manfrotto monopod, both with ball head for 11 lbs... the telephoto lens weighs a ton and so long that any smaller head and the lens

sags. I now replaced the ball head with a pistol head, which I find has much better motion ability for panoramas.

I have way too many filters, none of which I use... that is why I have Photoshop so I don't need to fuss with filters. I do use a UV filter on occasion but it can give lens

flare so I often have nothing on. The polarizing lenses make sense but I rarely get them turned in the correct direction.... so I often don;t use them either.

Additional gadgets of high importance:

I have many Compact Flashcards but the best are the 600x UDMAs by Transcend. The speed with which you can take your pictures in your camera is dependent upon the camera itself

as well as on the speed of the flash card you are recording your data on. I own 2 8 GB and 2 16 GB of these.

I work in the largest RAW format and with the Mark II my images are between 25 and 35 MB each prior to any processing. The mark II can take almost 4 pictures per second but if

my CF card can save them only 2 pix per second.. well then.. my camera will suddenly shoot realy slow. The 600x can write 4 of my size pictures per second, so it is a perfect


Another tool of importance is a standalone backup drive that fits in your pocket, allows you to watch your pictures in RAW format, and can store Gigabytes upon Gigabytes of

data so you can use the same CF cards again and again and again without grabbing your computer. I had a hard time finding one of these that I actually considered

"good" but I now found one.

It is called Album by HyperDrive. I think I was the first person who owned one in the US because I was online chatting with the guy complaining about how bad everyone's system

was and why don't they come up with a better model when he sent me the link to their new product that was to hit the market the next day... I had the product in my pocket the

next day and the rest is history.

If you are in the market for one of these, here is where you find it: (no, I am not getting any money for this.. this is just my personal recommendation!)

And finally, I have several photo bags and I cannot say that I found the perfect one... I have the one that rolls on wheels.. cool but HUGE.. then I have a large sling that

opens on the side very cleverly--great but still HUGE.. then I have a small sling--so far the best only it is not very comfortable with my heavy telephoto; somehow the sling

part of it is not well designed as it could be.. then I have a beltpack (Lowepro outback 100) that is cool but way too small... and now on order a 200... hopefully that will

be it!

I do not have "real" photo lighting. What I use are LED flashlights! Yep!!! They are great! Cheap, disposable, can have as many as you want, can be reflected with

circular reflector disks - I have one of those with gold on one side and silver on the other and it works great with the LED flashlights. I also have an LED flashlight set

that goes around the macro lens's nose to light up the creature of interest. I do have a flash that I sometimes attach to the camera but rarely.

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