I am a professional wildlife photographer, animal hugger and aviation fan. I make my living solely from my wildlife photography and my talks with bad jokes. I am very fortunate to travel a lot but also love the wildlife that this country has to offer. Achievements, well a lot of BBC and Nature's Best awards but no crackerjack pencil.

For the gear people I use Canon kit, I love the 1DX and was the first person to have the 200-400mm lens for an extended time and to publish the first real review. I am proud to be a Canon Explorer.

Together with ex PP editor Andrew James I have just started a community aimed at educating photographers as well as providing a safe and fun community for them to thrive in. It's called FotoBuzz, we've just passed our 500th paid member and have some awesome content. We organise meetups, have competitons and critique lounges too. Come and check us out if you want to join a nice community that teaches and inspires - www.foto-buzz.com

I live quite a balanced life and once I put the camera down I have no desire to pick it up sometimes for several days. I see so much obsession in wildlife photography today and I shy away from it as much as possible. I live in Cardiff with my wife Carol and dog Higgins and try to have a very quiet stress free life. My musical tastes are everything from the Killers to A-ha and of course my beloved Kylie. Oh yes and I am a Hammer!

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