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I live near Barnsley in South Yorkshire but originate from Colne Valley in Huddersfield. I work as a Freelance Graphic Designer and Commercial Photographer. However, my true passion is Landscape and Nature Photography. I have been absorbed by the landscape around me and loved photography since quite an early age. I studied photography as part of my further education in my Art & Design Diploma and Fine Art Printmaking Degree.

I was raised on the Pennine Hills of Yorkshire and since childhood have been fascinated by it's rugged and sometimes harsh landscape. For me, landscape photography is all about being there - out on the hills and moors. Either wading through Peat Bogs being pelted by hail, or watching the most fiery of sunsets on a fine summers evening. Capturing the landscape that I love in all of it's conditions of weather, season and time of day.

I am very much interested in how landscapes have been formed and how they arrived at their present state. Not only through geology but by the various uses that the human race have imposed on it over the millennia. I often research the areas that I photograph taking in history, etymology and how the landscape has been mythologized by succeeding generations.

Although I use photoshop to process and enhance my images, I try to retain some realism in my photographs. I do not use HDR. This is not because I particularly have anything against it, I just haven't liked the results when ever I've tried it. I find that using layer masks gives me much more control over the final image.

My approach to Flickr is not as a standard portfolio, but more as a photo-diary of forays and ambient rambles out on the moors and hills. I will usually process and upload a number of images from each session, only the best of which would enter my portfolio.

I hope that you like my images. Your comments and encouragement are always appreciated, even if sometimes I don't get around to returning the favor. I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to group admins for my absolute rubbishness at adding group tags to my images... sorry!

Copyright notice: Please be aware that all of my images are copyrighted © Andy Hemingway/AHG Photography. If you would like to use any of my images, please contact me first stating the intended use. I'm usually quite amenable, or reasonably priced for business/promotional uses. I take a very dim view of image theft and should I find out anyone has used any of my images without asking, I'll find out where you live, come round at 3am and wake you up to go out on a dawn photoshoot on the moors.

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  • Carbon Neutral Sunset by Paul Newcombe

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Andy Hemingway
January 2009
Barnsley, UK
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