"Born into a black and white world, my first box of crayons had Salt, Coal and 16 shades of grey."

I shoot B&W film in old cameras; TLRs, large format press cameras, and the older all-manual SLRs like the Nikon FM series, the Minolta SRT, Pentax K1000, and my built-like-brick-shithouse Chinon CX II. That is because I am too cheap to buy a new plastic mega-pixel modern marvel, and too old to change my wicked ways. It wasn't until the very last week of 2011 that I owned a digital camera; a Nikon P7100.

The great irony here is that for years I made my living as an industrial photographer with one of those big Nikon Mega-pixel Modern Marvels. Of all professional photography jobs, the humble tasks of the product and industrial photographer may be the least glamorous of all.

This Flickr portfolio is not about my work photography, it is about my art. It is about what I see. It is about my world. It is about the fire in my belly. For that kind of photography --the kind that elevates my soul-- only B&W film will do.I think that the death of serious photography began when they started putting "modes" into cameras. How many f-stops do you give a mode anyway?

Additional galleries with my work can be found here, here and here.

A short article I wrote about tapestry camera straps.

"Only a stupid photographer needs a smart camera."

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