Sometimes I aim for art, sometimes I am trying to snap events for people. I enjoy critical comments so I can improve my photography skills. I would love to try doing more portraits. I usually simply take photos of scenes at night.

I love black & white and sepia photos that remind me of film noir. I also love photoethnography especially @ Europe and Japan.

If you are coming to Honolulu, check out or flickr group. We meet about every month, even if I am often unable to attend. These days (=2014), I don't think the flickr group is so active, and I am busy most Fridays, but there are three photo groups in Honolulu which meet often. Check them out at


I like playing with cameras and manual lenses, but try to keep the obsession on a budget, so some of these cameras have been sold or died:

Digital SLR: Sony a300, Canon 10D (died), 50D, 5D 'Classic', Nikon D70
Other Digital Cameras: Samsung ST5 (died), Lumix DMC FZ7, Nikon Coolpix P310 (died),, FujiFilm X10, Sony NEX-5
35mm SLR: Nikomat FT, Pentax Spotmatic, Praktica Super TL, Topcon D-1, Exakta VXIIa
Medium Format: Rolleicord IV, YashicaMat, Mamiya M645j (sold), and some folding cameras
Rangefinders: Leica IIIc/f, M6, Yashica Electro 35, Voigtländer Bessa-L
35 mm Toy TLR: Gakkenflex
Viewfinders: Polaroid Sun600, SX-70
For Getting Wet: Canon WP-1
Pinhole: RT's Super "Film Can Cam"
Bookends: Zeiss-Ikon Box-Tengor 56/2; Zeiss-Ikon Volta

Intellectual Property / Using Images
I have many types of images on this stream from group snapshots to art and documentary photos.

Most of my images used to be available for Non Profit organizations under the Creative Commons agreement if you agree to the terms of Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike. Please note the terms on each image. Please credit "Photo: Drew Wertheimer." However I got very tired of my images being poached and re-posted without agreement of these terms. I have since changed all images to (c).

If you want to use the image for educational / non-profit use please e-mail me. Please give me the URL and title of the image and what you want to use it for. Thank you.

If you want to use my image for Commercial use, please secure the rights from Getty Images. Before signing with Getty I've had images used by the New Yorker, Oregon Public Radio, and a number of non-profit and a number of educational organizations.

If I posted a photo of you (and only you), please feel free to use it for whatever you like. Feel free to credit "Photo: Drew Wertheimer" but don't feel obliged. One reason I post photos is to make it easy for you to download your image. To download click on the magnifying glass icon, then click on "View all sizes" then you should see "Download the Large [or whatever size you select] size of this photo." It should then be available on your download folder.

By the way, please don't post blinking things (like awards) or very large images on my photo stream. Thanks.

If you don't have any photos on your site I am likely to block you. I have had several people re-post my photos without permission, which I don't like.

I am happy to have people FAVE my photos, but I might block you if you FAVE an item and don't have photos on your page or if you have more FAVs than photos. I don't want people using my images on another page without permission, and these are often trolling such images.

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    egatts says:

    "What a pleasure it is to meet this smart, funny chap with a great eye for photography! Looking forward to perusing your photos more..."

    20th November, 2009

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    sanakliangelo says:

    "A special day in my life, for meeting Drew.
    A few more steps to the path of my future have been added because of this. A great inspiration from Drew and his photography."

    24th October, 2009

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    SOVA5 says:

    "From his photos I can see that he loves his hometown. I enjoy how he politely records Honolulu scenes. I am thankful he is on flickr."

    10th October, 2009

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