We live in a age where any image can be manipulated into something it wasn't. All of the images on my site were created with a digital camera. All have been processed to some degree, however, I am very much against digital processing where a photographer is so desperate to produce an image he or she drops in a fake sky or uses some other such technique. I accept there is a skill to this but it's not something that interests me.

On many occasions, in fact on most occasions I've returned from an expensive photographic trip and deleted every image I took. I get a lot of satisfaction taking the shot, I get very little from processing it afterwards on a computer. So unless I stipulate otherwise what you see on my site does, to a large extent reflect pretty much what I saw when I took the shot.

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  • Rise and shine! by adonyvan
  • Trinity by adonyvan
  • Frozen Fitz Roy by adonyvan
  • Rio de las Vueltas by www.andrewwaddington.com
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Cakes MD by savvytreats13
  • Cupcake Catering VA by savvytreats13
  • 3m-x26-jpg-2013092806564369prad3WUF by tinhthach_301190
  • 3-jpg-20130902221711wq4arw5huo-1-jpg-20131003120042zezOOHRAqc by tinhthach_301190
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  • 3-jpg-20130902235957Jtlsw3Wuh5 by tinhthach_301190
  • 3-jpg-20130902233122AbgyA9ZzX0 by tinhthach_301190
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