In his own words, Andres is a “visual artist” with a background in advertising, he uses his intuitive feel and love for light and form to make his creative vision come out of the canvas and fill the observer with energy.

As a visual translator, Andres and his team help clients to develop visual communication that transcends photography with stylized, high-production photo and video shoots that bring out the best in the subject. His unique techniques of merging visual mediums give another dimension to his work, while operating to full creative potential within the budget.

“Sight is the most powerful of the senses,” said Andres. “I find it fascinating to create a relationship between the subject and the observer. For me, photography isn’t just a job. It’s an integral part of my life.”

I would like to know what do do u think about my work.?

9.Last questions, any favourite photographers you inspired to be? Or particular work you particular like?


Peter lindberg
Helmut Newton
Patrick Dermarchelier
Richard Avedon
Thierry legoues
David lachapelle
Ellen von unberg

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    la Bautista says:

    "La primera vez que vi sus fotos, fue "amor a la primera vista"... si es que se puede utilizar este término para describir lo que sentí en un instante...

    Es una linda persona, tremendo fotógrafo... siempre tan gentil, y humilde... Esas son las cualidades que más me llaman la atención de este gran fotógrafo. No es como los demás, que ya les subió todo por la cabeza... Andres, aun conserva su nobleza.

    Es un fotógrafo de mano llena... todo hace, y lo hace bien... porque lo que hace, no es mercancía... Andres no es un mercenario más...
    Él crea, hace arte... y los artistas hacen sus creaciones con amor.

    Sin duda, soy una de sus "fans" incondicionales."

    June 19th, 2008

  • view profile PHOTOGRAPHY says:

    "Andres i have known you for a while now :) since we first spoke when i was living in LA and was modeling :) when I had no idea i would become a photographer :)
    You are a great inspiration :)
    thanx for that"

    May 31st, 2008

Andres Hernandez
March 2005
New York City, USA
I am:
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