Fashion Photographer based in miami Beach, FL. I started photography .. seriously since february 2006. Photography has been my hobbie for like 3 years.. now I took a step further .. lets see whats going to happen..!! I'm From Colombia. I moved to the states since 1999..

I would like to know what do do u think about my work..!!


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Miami beach fashion Photographer

If you'd like to be added as a least drop me a line..I'd love to know who you are...what you do....and what you're into...this will get you added a lot quicker.

Some of you guys ask me about my equipment.. !! so here is the answer.!!


Canon 1Ds
28 - 135 mm lens
24 - 70 mm lens
100 mm Macro lens



1 Acute Profoto 2400r
3 heads
1 Acute ring flash
1 Profoto 7b 1200watts 1 head

Light modifiers
1 Octabank
1 Softbox
2 strip softboxes
grids & barn Doors.
beauty dish.
1 profoto umbrela silver

sekonic light meter
GRAFLEX SPEED MASTER 4X5 (Vintage camera)

Dual 2.3 G5 Apple. 4gb RAMI just got my 30" cinema display..

Apple Powerbook. 17" g4/
Wacom Tablet Intuos 3 6x 11
6 TB in storage
Bose companion 5 | speakers
Epson cx 7000f
epson Stylus 2200

Adobe Photoshop CS3

VW Touareg (black) | to carry all this shit!!


And the most important ingredient.. is
my passion for photography


10 Questions

1.First, describe to us Andres Hernandez in 5 words.

Creativity, persistent, hard worker, artist

2.You are born in Medellin, Colombia and grew up in Copacabana Colombia, I guess many of us never really been to Copacabana before, would you like to share with us what is it like growing up in Copacabana?

Copacabana is a small town close to Medellin the second city in Colombia. I’m the third of 4 child, I was always the guy into the arts, I was on painting classes when I was 6 years old. There is not to much to do. All of my friends like to play soccer; I was the only one that don’t like. All my free time I was doing experiments with paint and clay, the thing is that in my town we don’t have like malls or places to hang out.. just the park and that’s it. So you have to be creative to entertain your self.

3.We heard that your fascination with camera started at quite a young age, do share with us how it all got started?

My dad on a trip he bought a camera (Pentax k1000) so He didn’t know how to used all the pictures he took were over or under exposed .. so he started taking photography classes so to all the classes I was going with him, so from that point I learned all the basic stuff..

4.You went on to graduate top in your class at Art institute of Medellin, it’s quite an achievement, but then you move to US to work as a graphic designer, why the sudden change in career?

Basically I’m a person that like challenges I like to know new people everyday, I like to learn everyday , and going to another country is a great opportunity to do what what I wanted to do.

5.Of the many many many pictures you have taken so far which is your best picture? Why?

I think the next photoshoot. Because every day I improve my style, my technique, and my ideas.

6.Where can we expect to see your works in the coming months? Anything you are working on right now?

I’m working right now in different projects for independent magazines and online magazines, also I’m on the pre production of 2006 campaigns with different clients that I have.

7.Other than at anywhere else we can get more of your great portfolio, we have to say you are really really good at this photography thingy.

and I publish all my work on my website,.

8.Just a doss of gossip, any famous models we might know you have work with so far?

So far no, all the models that I have work with, some of them are just starting career , but I’m trying to get in contact with agencies and management companies to be able to work with some known faces.. its not easy.

9.Last questions, any favourite photographers you inspired to be? Or particular work you particular like?

Oh… there are a lot..!! but some of them are.

Helmut Newton
Patrick Dermarchelier
Richard Avedon
Thierry legoues
David lachapelle
Ellen von unberg

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    la Bautista says:

    "La primera vez que vi sus fotos, fue "amor a la primera vista"... si es que se puede utilizar este término para describir lo que sentí en un instante...

    Es una linda persona, tremendo fotógrafo... siempre tan gentil, y humilde... Esas son las cualidades que más me llaman la atención de este gran fotógrafo. No es como los demás, que ya les subió todo por la cabeza... Andres, aun conserva su nobleza.

    Es un fotógrafo de mano llena... todo hace, y lo hace bien... porque lo que hace, no es mercancía... Andres no es un mercenario más...
    Él crea, hace arte... y los artistas hacen sus creaciones con amor.

    Sin duda, soy una de sus "fans" incondicionales."

    June 19th, 2008

  • view profile PHOTOGRAPHY says:

    "Andres i have known you for a while now :) since we first spoke when i was living in LA and was modeling :) when I had no idea i would become a photographer :)
    You are a great inspiration :)
    thanx for that"

    May 31st, 2008

Andres Hernandez
March 2005
miami beach, Usa
I am:
Male and Single
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