About this account and its favorites collection
Currently I use this account as a companion to my regular account Andreas Helke to handle artistic nudes. I moved most of the regular favorites from this account to my main one which has an extensive collection of more than 15.000 high quality images as favorites. My interests are mostly landscape nature and people photography of all types.

The artistic nude favorites traveled in the other direction. From my main account to this one. So you now find almost completely photos of nude people if you look through this accounts favorites collection

Nude people are absent from my photostream because I did not yet found a model willing to let me publish nude photos of her. I am not much interested in photos of nude males.

About the special treatment and censorship of German flickr members.
Flickr considered it necessary to introduce a special treatment for its German members to comply with the German youth protection laws. I wonder why the Germans need special treatment while members from Saudi Arabia and other very conservative societies don´t have any restrictions.

Germans can´t switch of content filtering for restricted saftey level photos and are banned from all groups that even allow restricted level photos into their pool.

This made it necessary to deal with almost all people photography outside of my now restricted main account.

About me
I am a 52 year old photographer living in Coburg. I have been photographing for 39 years now. I think I got my first manual film SLR when I was 14. Most of the time I used Mamya and Pentax SLRs with slide film. Now I have been using a Canon 350D DSLR for about 4 or 5 years which allows a lot more flexibility and better quality in poor light.

I added a 5D to the mix and now figuring out what of my equipment to actually carry and use, I think for now I will mostly use the 5D with 100L f2.8 IS macro lens and the 350D with the EF-S 10-22. I´ll use my 50 f1.8 if I actually need something in the gap. Or if the photo I want to take has no bokeh sections that could be ruined by the 50 f1.8 lens poor bokeh.

After I got the 70-200f4L IS zoom it has replaced the 100L and I am thinking about buying the 50 f2.5 macro to be prepared with a light and small lens to carry around if I don´t expect to need a macro lens,.

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The daily average of photostream views of this account was 3 until I started to actively using it again. I used this account to upload all the about 17,000 photos I took with P&S digital cameras and then ignored it for about a year. This got me a total of about 3500 photostream views.

Now follow searches for most of the photos I uploaded with my main account. This year and all time.

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The directory of my flickr photo collections
Nature 700 photos
Landscapes 600 photos
Sky 200 photos
Water 400 photos
Flower 500 photos
Macro 100 photos

People 1400 photos
Portraits 400 photos
Samba Dancers 800 photos
Street Photography 500 photos
Girls 600 photos
Party 300 photos

Museum and Palace 400 Photos
Buildings 600 photos

Belgium 150 photos
Czechia 70 photos
Germany 4000 photos
Italy 150 photos
Russia 900 photos
Switzerland 150 photos
Spain 50 photos

Bamberg 100 photos
Basel 100 photos
Coburg 2400 photos
Creidlitz 700 photos
Heidelberg 60 photos
Karlsbad 70 photos
Lauf 120 photos
Leipzig 50 photos
Michurinskoye 150 photos
München 100 photos
Nürnberg 200 photos
Sevilla 50 photos
St. Petersburg 700 photos
Weinheim 200 photos
Würburg 60 photos

Favorited 1000 photos
Explored 80 photos

Canon EF-S 10-22 200 photos
Canon EF-S 18-55 II 190 photos
Canon EF-S 17-55 f2.8 IS 135 photos
Canon EF 28-135 IS 160 photos
Canon EF 50 f1.8 200 photos

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If someone wants one of my images in his own group he has to invite me in. I´ll likely decline if its a mandatory commenting group but am fine with accepting admin invites into normal groups.

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Andreas Helke
December 2008
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