Happily married with 2 wonderful children. Ex mainframe and PC developer, moved over to testing. Now Iteration Manager. I love my family, the Web, cycling, permaculture, mobiles, recycling, and rice eating. I am an old greenie who thinks he needs to go to China to learn Mandarin.


Trudi and I have happily settled in Brunswick from the outer East. We have established our house and garden, so far we have a fantastic compost heap/worm farm going, chooks over supplying us with eggs, vegetable garden building up. 3 water tanks and a new decking. Our garage has lots of solar panels.


My WeChat id is: andersondotau


I am happy for people to copy and share my photos as long as they link back to the image in Flickr as Attribution. My photos are Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons.


My LinkedIn profile: Gavin Anderson


My Twitter profile: andersondotau


The Benefits of Cycling to Work: Cycling is excellent aerobic exercise. It does not place undue stress on the body, but enables a good workout, which will reduce the risk of heart disease, and other illnesses associated with lack of fitness.


Quote from Reg Natarajan: "no matter how good your photos are, they will be as boring as Hell unless you, yourself, are interesting. Do interesting things. Be an interesting person and it will follow as the night the day that your photos will be interesting, too. If you’re a boring person hoping your photography will make you interesting, you’re doing it backwards."

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  • OccupationTest Lead
  • HometownMelbourne
  • Current cityBrunswick
  • CountryAustralia
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