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Geek/Goth/Flickr Addict.

Currently living in London (good riddance Aberdeen!), working for Holonomix. Involved in several projects for Cable and Wireless, so unfortunately I have regular trips to Bracknell. I have a new Camera now! A Cannon EOS 450d. It's rather nice! ;)

Anayway, feel free to drop me a message, or leave comments. Feedback/pointers are always appreciated, I'm definately an amateur at this photography lark!

A few people have contacted me about using some of my pictures on their website. If the image is under the CC (and at present they all are under the attribution license, and that's not likely to change!) feel free to use them in any way you wish. All I ask is that your send me an email saying you've used it (and a link if appropriate), or put a comment on the picture saying so (just for my vanity... it's always nice to know someone thinks your work has some value). But you are free to do whatever you like with the images.

Cheers :)

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Grant Mitchell
November 2005
London, UK
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