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A bit about amythyst_lake. I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts, but I grew up in England. I also spent many years in Canada and as a tribute I took my online name from the Amethyst Lakes in the Tonquin Valley, Jasper National Park. I changed the spelling for fun.

I began photography many years ago because I liked to draw and paint and it seemed like a natural extension. I had an Olympus OM10 and I took it everywhere. (I still have it.) But after a while, carrying a camera and lenses became a bit of a burden; friends aren’t always amused if you throw yourself to the ground “just to get the shot”, or particularly patient when you want to change the lens. But worse, I gradually began to feel that I was experiencing the world through a lens instead of with my eyes. So I stopped. Several years passed. Then in June 2006 I bought a small (light!) Canon digital point and shoot (A540) and slowly but surely, for better or worse, it all began again. Photography is my passion!

I’m sure everybody reading this knows that cameras and water don’t mix, so they don’t take their pride-and-joys on canoe trips. But I did, and my little Canon ended up in the Namekagon River in Wisconsin. Since July I’ve had a Nikon D80 (big and heavy). I know better than to take the D80 in a canoe (small sailboats and sea kayaks don’t count) but I do walk all over Boston with it.

I love to take pictures of nature and pictures that show the passage of time: the seasons, the weathering of wood, rust, flowers and seeds. I like to go out in the rain and I love walking on the beach. Any beach. I am continually torn between the documentary and the artistic sides of photography. They are both worthwhile approaches, but on the whole I am trying to make my photos more poetic. The very best pictures (not those taken by me) are probably a combination of the two.

Flickr has been great, I’ve learned so much from looking at the work of the many talented photographers here. Thank you all for sharing! I’ve progressed more as a photographer in during my time here than in all of the years that I’ve held a camera.

One more thing - I purposefully keep my contact list at a manageable level. So if you add me as a contact, please don't be offended if I don't reciprocate. It is not a reflection of your work - I have set my account so I don't even know when this happens. Equally, if I add you as a contact, I have no expectations from you.

Thank you for visiting.

Amythyst/Jill October 2007 (updated August 2012).

A note: if you represent a business, please don't ask me if you can use my photos for free. I'm not here to help you advertize your product. If you want to license a picture, or if you have a non-commercial/non-profit use in mind just send me a request via Flickrmail.

One more note: While I appreciate the sentiment, I generally decline invitations to Post 1 Comment x groups. I don't have the patience to do them justice. Thank you.

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    Ken Yuel Photography says:

    "This is one testimonial I should have written some time ago, you see Jill has been a good friend of mine since my arrival on Flickr in 2007.

    Jill is one fantastic photographer, that is so evident when you look at here images. Jill's diversity in what she presents is what amazes me, always with a professional approach and with a sense of what the viewer will like but from a vantage point untold.

    Another thing about Jill that I appreciate so much is her ability to write. Her descriptions are always informative and appropriate and her sense of humor is above all a quality to behold, right up there with her exceptional use of the lens.

    So, do take the time to view Jill's work, I know it will put a smile on your face, it has mine more times than I can count......

    Thank you Jill for being you and the friend you are!!"

    November 15th, 2009

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    justbelightful says:

    "Jill's photostream is full of many delights - the calming beauty of nature, the visual stimulation of abstract patterns of all types, the play of light and shadow, the surprise of often-overlooked corners elevated to places of wonder, playfulness and poetry...all infused with a sense of a warm and creative person behind the lens. Recommended viewing!"

    March 8th, 2009

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    SmilingSunflower says:

    "You have a very nice photostream. I always enjoy looking at your stuff. You really have an eye for a great photo and good composition. You are very talented and a very nice person, what a nice combination! :-)"

    October 21st, 2008

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