Amsha Africa Foundation ( is a non profit organization determined to enhance the living standards and common good of people within some of the world's poorest villages in Africa by reducing chronic social concerns such as hunger, disease, unemployment, illiteracy,substandard housing, and poor sanitation. We help re-build run down schools and toilets, donate desks, computers, school uniforms, pens,books,& sanitary towels to girls.

Amsha Africa Foundation also starts self-help programmes to help impoverished communities and train youth on how to start small businesses that will help alleviate the poverty levels.

We also provide grants for strengthening and expansion of microfinancing programs that empower the poor to lift themselves out of poverty with dignity through access to financial services and education.

Amsha Africa Foundation currently has grassroot operations in Kenya.

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Amsha Africa
November 2008
Nairobi, Kenya
Dallas, Texas
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Amsha Africa Foundation