... I know lots about all kinds of smiles. I have to. I know there's a birth of a smile and a death of a smile. I know that for different people a smile fully blossoms at different times. I know a smile looks different when you exhale, inhale, or hold a breath. I know when a smile starts in your eyes and ends up on your lips. I've seen many smiles that look almost right, but end before they ever get close to your eyes. I love smiles. I love your smile. I love how a smile can be the most welcome and universal form of communication. I love how you can 'hear' a smile over the phone when talking to an old friend who lives thousands of miles away.

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  • JoinedJune 2007
  • OccupationFreelance Photographer
  • HometownFairfax, Virginia
  • Current cityMcLean, Virginia
  • CountryUSA
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