I realised life (time) is short and unpredictable and having chosen life a lot more over crazy money (material gain/affluenza). So by living a much simpler & healthier life to the fullest, I have more time to learn new skills and re-discover my old passions, hobbies & dreams, to make our earth greener and our world more peaceful for the enjoyment of all human races........and not the least, our wild animals !!


I can be contacted at amkayimages@gmail.com or mkfoo@streamyx.com, should you need me to capture your perfect moments, to paint your images with my camera and creativity, whether for pre & actual day weddings, family portraits, motorsports or corporate events. For NGOs and charity organisations however, my fees will be free of charge !!


I started taking photos since I was 15 years old with analog 120mm medium format mechanical antique & 35mm SLR cameras with films, and most happy to share my quarter-century experience with anyone wanting to improve their basic technical skills in photography. Anyway, we are all still learning new creative & technical tricks from other seasoned photobugs and fellow professional photographers.


If you need my large formated pictures, kindly write to me and I will email to you for free, subject to your usage..... (sorry commercial usage require appropriate reimbursement for time spent & talent)


Our lives is like a roll of toilet paper, abuse it when plentiful, but try to save every last pieces of it when it start to run out...........so live life to the fullest !!


Write your Wills & Trusts with me, I am an Estate Planner too.....helping to plan, protect and preserve your properties, money and hard-earned assets !!


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