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First of all, it is best to look at my pictures from my sets, not my photostream. I've been very random in my picture uploads, I have a bunch from the past that I'm trying to put on flickr, as well as recent ones, and a big remodel that we're working on. I try and keep my sets updated, everything's pretty organized there.

Second of all, I'm not trying to be a great photographer, lol! Most of my pictures are just from my daily life, my family, friends, things I see out and about. Since I take a kagillion pictures, once in a while one turns out pretty nice. If you don't mind wading through everything in my photostream, you're welcome! :-)

I have a lovely husband and two kids. I live in the best place on earth, but you didn't hear that from me! Our traffic congestion's getting bad enough as it is...we don't need anymore converts. ;-)

I have had an auto-immune disorder since February 2005. The doctors don't seem to know which one, because I have so many strong symptoms. I have been getting worse over time and it's a struggle to do most things. It's been very difficult for me and my family. But I'm alive and God is good to us! I'm still able to take pictures most of the time (even if it's just of my kitties on my bed, or the flowers in my yard), and I enjoy seeing the beauty that God has created all around me, from nature to people.

I attribute my love of photography and obsessively collecting things to my dad. It's all his fault. :-p

Flickr groups that I administer (in no particular order):


Geocaching Connections


Catch the Travel Bug


Camp MiVoden

Another Challenge Group

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