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Hey there!! My name is Alvin. Thank you so much for visiting my stream! I hope you will enjoy your stay here. Photography is my latest hobby and Flickr is currently my favorite site : ) for so many reasons. To name a few ~ meet and make new friends, learn from each other and celebrate each one’s unique God-given artistic and creative abilities.

I pretty much love everything related to the arts and music – be it sketching or designing, singing or playing a musical instrument, or writing a literary piece. I utilize whatever skills I have for the glory of the One who gave them to me.

I would describe myself as a very friendly person. I have encountered some really cool and very special people. They not only share their photos but most importantly, their hearts and their friendship. I am indeed blessed with a bunch of contacts and friends here [they know who they are: )].

I would like to thank all the people who added me as a contact and/or friend. Please do not be upset if I have not returned the favor yet. I define ‘contact’ as someone I communicate with – there’s a reason it’s called as such : ). I would like to allow some time to get to know you first and see you regularly visiting my stream before I add you up. And please remember that I will never disregard you in any way. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you….thank you…thank you…. everyone for your views, comments, faves and invites ~ and most importantly, thank you for your FRIENDSHIP!!!


Oh, and thank you J.T. (Tomasito) Eric, Francesco, Aristotle and Dr. Mario for the wonderful testimonials :))

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    Tomasito.! says:

    "This testimonial is not about how great a photographer Alvin Lamucho is.

    It is not about how brilliantly he processes his pictures and turn them into utterly masterful works of art.

    It is not about how diverse and irresistibly exciting his whole photostream is.

    It is not about what a wonderful, loyal contact he is.

    So what is about then?

    Forgive me, but this goes beyond the story of finding a cool person in the internet – and just plainly admiring his work - It is about a person writing about a soul who has made a space in his life to accommodate another being in the time of their lives that no one may already be allowed to enter.

    I am proud to have met Alvin personally, and I thank him for the effort, the time, the courage to meet a stranger, the stories, the talent, the advise and most of all the encouragement and realization that life beyond flickr and even the sacred art of photography is sweeter with people whom you can proudly call….friend. ☺

    PS. Thanks for the Cafe Mocha :) LOL"

    May 27th, 2010

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    DR.MARIΟ™ says:

    "Oftentimes the biggest issue on flickr is being on explore, but that doesn't compensate the true virtue of loving our craft. The most hurting and filthy part of it all is looking at other photographers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and wannabes making it on flickr lottery, but is not actually worthy of the said kill, well in this ironic world, the inevitable can actually happen. Some do even spam the said algorithm thing just to reach the explore orgasm, but look, is their photograph worthy? explore, as what they said, is just a mere cream of the pie, but is a huge deal for many.

    Alvin Lamucho is extremely a very talented hobbyist, but yet a humble one. I knew him through my wife, one night she told me that she has a certain contact or friend whose photographs are state-of-the-art and world class, so without further inquiries about this photographer, I went off to see it for myself, and wow, I saw the almost-perfect sniper on flickr. I am so meticulous with clean HDR processing and when I saw his works, all I have to converse with my dear partner is that, Alvin is truly blessed, or if he is in the Matrix World, I would consider him as "The One".

    Everyone reading my testimonial for him is not to flatter Alvin, but to let him realize that not everyone has a personality like him. A real gentleman, a true person, a perfect husband and father, and ofcourse, without a doubt, one of the uprising-phenomenal photographers and graphic artists in the world, and he is, a Proud Filipino; a brother I never had.

    Igsoong Alvin, you are a messiah to us, and we do believe in you and your work. Never mind the kill (you know what I mean) your Photographs are always on the Grand Position {Explored No.1} for me Igsoon, what matters most is that you are a true person, and the best photographer there is. Keep on inspiring Igsoon and I'm always at your side, not just at your back, backing you up all the way.

    Congratulations on a job well done, you did just great. One Love to You and your Beautiful Family Igsoon. The honor will always be mine. Peace out."

    November 1st, 2009

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    Aristotle Liu says:

    "Hey, this is my first testimonial so had to think of someone I find artisitic and yet friendly enough (although we've never met) to call a friend.

    Alvin is just awesome, his photography work shows his personality at heart and love of the art. I'm grateful you added me as a contact here dude, as you're an artist I aspire myself to. Your work is brilliant man, and I follow your stream on a continuous basis.

    Hope to meet you one day in the Philippines maybe, so we can go for some photo walks as Kuya Russel calls it.

    Peace dude and we'll see you around!!"

    October 16th, 2009

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    ciccioetneo says:

    "I saw his photostream and was amazed by his pic. He has a particular ability for the macro shot. Love also the colors and the composition of his shots. He's a model to follow for me! ;)"

    August 17th, 2009

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    Eric Arianto says:

    "A great and friendly guy.

    His excellent photographic techniques have become just a routine for him. He manages to tell story and poetry through every pictures he displays on his stream.

    Trully an inspiration for a newcomer like me."

    July 6th, 2009

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