Established in 2001, Altru Apparel produces premium 100 percent American-made T-shirts featuring vintage company logos as well as iconic cultural visuals. Licenses range from the obscure to the universal, representing the expansive taste of postmodern consumer culture. Altru champions the artists and organizations who adhere to their principles and flourish doing so. Countercultural Robert Crumb illustrations and old school 90’s streetwear-lifestyle brand X-Large share shelf space with the New York Times collection and the only official retro Olympic t-shirt line. Walk through any metropolitan area in America and eventually you will spot someone wearing Altru Apparel. Even celebrities such as Zac Efron, Spencer Pratt, Robert Downey Jr., Paris Hilton, and Brian Austin Green have been photographed wearing Altru. In addition, many television shows choose to wardrobe their actors and hosts in Altru. Not one to just coast along on recent successes, Altru Apparel kicks into autumn with its new Thrasher (Skateboard Magazine) line. In addition, Altru launches the Spaced Out series which evokes feelings of past Apollo missions, Kubrick’s 2001, The Right Stuff, and a dash of Daft Punk’s space disco all at once. Bring it back to earth with the Past President’s collection for all of those who remember American Presidential campaigns as colorful as the one we are experiencing now. From street to space to the oval office, Altru’s autumn 2008 lineup blends timeless visual communication with the perfect fitting and feeling T-shirts that have earned Altru such a loyal following.

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February 2009
Altru Apparel