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Why do we take pictures ?
There are so many reasons. Everyone will tell you something else. One will tell you – To remember memories, the other will tell you – Because I want to stop time, The third considers it as pure art. And so on…

Every one takes pictures for a different reason – and everyone of us get something else when he looks at a picture.

Me, I think that everyone here in Flickr are creating their own art, this is the beauty of this wonderful site. From the one who takes a million of pictures every day – just to make memories, to the one who take one picture each week – but for him it is THE picture. Both of them, and all the people in the middle, are actually artists, and that is because they want others to see what they are seeing. They want to share and hear what others think, and they want to tell others what they think.

And this is exactly me, I hope what you see in my pictures is making you interested in watching more pictures from my simple though very loved camera (Canon Power Shot A530). If this is what you feel it will make me very happy. For every comment, favorite and view I get – you can be sure there is a smile on my face.

Ohh, I'm 28 years old, Was born and currently living in the little country named Israel.

Thank you for reading.


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Alon Adler
January 2006
Kiryat Motzkin
Haifa, Israel
I am:
Software developer
adleralon [at]