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Working photographer at Fotogenesis, my own little firm and studio in Hyderabad.

Come, join the and Hyderabad Photography Club and let's have a merry time!

if you have a smartphone, i have an instagram

Some Stern Warnings for you, the general public:

My flickr photostream represents my personal work and may, on occasion, include photos taken while doing paid work. Most of my work is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution - aka BY(Indian Version. (older work is licensed as creative commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike BY-NC-SA (Indian Version). Please check the license before use. To be clear: Creative Commons does not mean that you may use it for commercial purposes and definitely means that you must provide attribution, preferably in the form of a web link but dolla dolla bills are always welcome.

If you're wondering about the screen-name: a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (exact capitalizations vary) is a sadly fictional drink fashioned by a 2-headed galactic president during his wild and exuberant youth. The Heart of Gold is an intergalactic (possibly interdimensional) spaceship that is powered by improbability. Which the galactic president steals and goes on to have a bunch of adventures in. It is also a lovely song

The books(but not the movie) are much funnier than I am, you should check them out. If you're a visual person, here's the drink, and here's the spaceship

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    Three Bulls! says:

    "How could you not have any testimonials?! The greatest! Simply the greatest!!"

    December 31st, 2006

August 2004
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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