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I'm Autistic with CP and Rett Syndrome. I make the most of what I have to enjoy life, and this stream is all about that and how I do exactly that! Below are lists of my interests. Stimming is self stimulation of the senses. I have severe sensory impairments. A good educational website with a good description of what stimming is is here.

normal people do it to, tapping pens on desks, twiddling money in their hands. It's all a sensory stimulant

My interests are

powerchairs and wheelchairs (i am a total nerd on these!), assistive technology, stock market, neurological diseases and disabilities, autism, sensory integration disorder, medical, photography, genetics, videography, disabilities, spirituality (specifically focusing on objects inhabited by spirits), ventilators, Electrocardiography, Echocardiography, X-Rays, And other medical tests.

I have many special things that comfort me. Some even are inhabited by spirits like my wheelchair harness Mel1. Look around my photos to discover these special objects that I love. You might call me mental but I even talk to them.

My autism makes me very sensitive to the way things smell, taste, feel, look, and sound. I use flickr as a UNCENSORED journal of my life (and hobby photography)

TRIGGER WARNING: Some of my photos are triggering since this is UNCENSORED, so they are tagged 'TW.' You can view the full range of 'TW' images HERE in order to see if something might be a problem for you.

If there are two different tags the latter is for very intense images or ones I feel require adult maturity.

I read, appreciate, and police all comments and notes I get. Please respect that Flickr is a documentation of my life to be shared with the world. Inappropriate comments will be deleted.

Enjoy my photos, comment, and I will do the same in return! I love getting comments and mail

Looking for my Pro Photography stream? click ----> THERE!

This photostream is not to be used to treat any physical or developmental condition. Reproduction of some actions in this photostream may be unsafe and is not recommended. If you have sensory issues seek help from a professional occupational therapist. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL!

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