Hey, I'm Alex (short for Alexandra, of course :D), I'm twenty one and from Sydney, Australia.

My world consists of music, photography, travelling, food & television.

All of my photos are copyrighted (All rights reserved) so please don't use them without my permission. If you have business inquiries or questions, please don't hesitate to email me; alexbenetel@gmail.com


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    Asher Lilley says:

    "Alex! your work is so beautiful. your tones and concepts are magical. you never ever cease to amaze me"

    July 7th, 2012

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    Kiara Rose says:

    "Totally don't know why my testimonial for you isn't longer.

    Alex, you were my initial inspiration to start on flickr. I found your stream long before I fell in love with taking photos. I remember looking through your photos and telling myself that I'd be talented like you one day. You have always been so supportive of my work and everything I do and for that I am so grateful! Your photography has blossomed over the time I've known you. You and I, in my mind, have always had a very similar style; Using poses and colours, locations and props to get our concept across. Not all that fancy photoshop work. Your photos are simple, and straight to the point. & that's what I've always loved.

    Not only are you an amazing artists, but you're an awesome friend! Shooting with you is so much fun, and generally being around you is always such a pleasure. Thank you for everything. I know I don't comment too often, nor do I say much generally, but know that I'm always watching on to your own, admiring and believing that you're going to be the next best thing."

    April 9th, 2012

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    Nadia Kim says:

    "Alex's photos are just so beautifully simple. They're so effortless, so unforced, so natural - something I hope to achieve in my photos some day. The way she plays will light and color is amazing. Alex is a phenomenal photographer."

    February 5th, 2012

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    ..claudia-ann says:

    "Alex is a brilliant photographer, always coming up with new and interesting ideas.
    You are the one who introduced me to flickr and got me interested in photography. I owe it all to you :D
    keep up the amazing work. :)"

    July 31st, 2009

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    emma hope says:

    "alex is a lovely, beautiful, talented girl.
    you have a lot of budding talent and i love watching it grow and develop. keep it up :D :D!"

    July 29th, 2009

Alex Benetel
June 2008
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