I'm just a regular guy, living a regular life! I do like my privacy and have no problem with anonymity.

I'm sure that I'm not a professional or semi professional photographer. I'm not sure whether I'm a hobbyist or an amateur? I'm not even sure what the difference is!

What I do know is that I enjoy taking photographs. I'd like to develop a clear understanding of all aspects of the photographic process focusing on techniques and practice.

I hadn't picked up a camera in at least 10 years. Last June, my wife purchased a camera for my birthday which has reinvigorated my underlying interest in the art of photography.

I missed the last 10 years of photographic development and the transitions from film to digital. Nevertheless, I'm sure the principles of photography remain the same regardless of the medium.

To the Public Transit Authority - I promise that I'm an amateur / hobbyist photographer and not a terrorist. My mum is happy to write a note to confirm this. ;-) See the photo below for more details:

Dark days. Terrorist lair. by alch3my

I have no formal or recognised training in either photography or "the arts". I like what I like, I dislike what I dislike. Don't take offence from any of my comments, what would I know, I'm just an average guy.

Mind you, feel free to leave a comment on any on my photos. I'm a big boy, I can take criticism...... Actually, if you have any advice or criticisms I'd be really interested in hearing from you. That's not a guarantee that I'd take it very well. ;-)

Thanks for visiting!

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Ya Hoo
December 2008
Perth, WA, Australia
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