My first camera was a standard fridge-sized thingy with build-in flash. Since my father always told us not to take that much photos (because of the costs), I used to be a good boy, but no good photograph.
As time passed by, everything changed. I got somewhat taller and photography turned to be somewhat more digital. Finally in 2004 put my cents together and bought my Canon IXUS 400. From that point of time I started not leaving home without camera anymore.
I started enjoying short stops in time of stress to save moments, scenes that took my attention from what I was dealing with. Moments which sometimes made me smile for an instance.
In December 2006 after one year of thinking of switching to SLR I finally bought my Nikon D70s. Since than - of course - I'm taking more pictures that ever learning and being fascinated about the possibilities.

So what I am in "terms of flickr" is no professional, but someone who saves personal moments of goose-bump, smile, warmness, ..., just moments that did something to me. As some people also seem to like them, I'm glad to share them.

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