Around 35 years ago, in a city street much like any other, I took a black and white photo of an old homeless man who was sitting alone.

When I later developed the image in my darkroom (no digital in those days), I realised I had frozen in time an episode of a mans life, and it suddenly dawned on me the enormous power that a photograph can have to record life and to evoke emotion in the viewer, which in this case was one of deep empathy.

Still to this very day when I look back at the photo it effects me. I wonder what had happened in his life and what ever became of him. The photo won an award, and as a teenager I was very proud of it, paving the way for my life long journey into photography.

Over the years I have loved photographing weddings, families, nature, pets, horses, art works, products, models, fashion and just about everything else I could point a camera at.

Today the digital process has unleashed me from the darkroom allowing me to concentrate more on the art of capture.

Commercial work: 'Wedding Photojournalist'
Web: www.WeddingPhotojournalist.com.au
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/AlanRogers.Photographer
Instagram: www.instagram.com/wedding_photojournalist

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Alan Rogers
March 2016
Melbourne, Australia
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