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I enjoy making photos. I prefer saying making photos, as opposed to taking photos. Taking photos assumes that the shot is sitting somewhere waiting to be taken, while making photos acknowledges the agency of the person behind the camera... makes the person an active participant in the creative process than a mere "clicker".

Comments and contacts: I find Flickr a very interesting place for sharing, enjoyment and learning. There's much awesomeness here that inspires me. Also, there are two things about Flickr that I loathe:
1. You-have-received-the-(insert fancy word here)-award groups.
2. Post-1-comment-(insert number here) groups.
So please don't comment on my photos with fancy awards or with instructions to comment on other photos in a certain group or to check out your own photostream. The comments function on Flickr for me is a way to show appreciation for someone's work and/or offer them feedback. If I comment on a photo of yours, it is because your photo gave me joy and I'd like you to know that, not because I expect you to comment on my photos too. Similarly if you comment on one of my photos, please accept my honest appreciation for it but don't expect me to necessarily return the favor. Same goes for adding someone as a contact.

Use of my photos: If you would like to use any of my photos (with due attribution and without modifying the image), feel free to contact me via Flickrmail, and I will consider your request.

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March 2007
Chandigarh, India
I am:
My Instagram Photography Blog (aka Photography-on-the-go blog)