I'm just a dude into creating imagery.


I guess my main profession is 3D modelling. It's what I studied at college/university, and it's what I did for the 18months or so I worked in the video game industry. Then there was this thing called the global economic crisis... you may have heard of it... anyway, that put a stop to the making-video-games thing, so Im now trying my hand at the teaching-lil-Chinese-kids-how-to-speak-English thing, and well, that's turning out to be a blast. :)


Back in the homeland I was really into my cars, Japanese imports to be more precise, and cars were the main subject of my photography. Out here in China, not to many tuned cars to shoot, but I'm finding myself getting more and more into portrait photography and lighting.

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  • JoinedAugust 2008
  • Occupation3D Vehicle Artist turned English Teacher
  • HometownStafford, United Kingdom
  • Current cityWeinan, Shaanxi
  • CountryChina
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