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Current Equipment:
Nikon D800
Nikon D300s
Nikon D7000
Nikon D200
Nikon D90
11-16 Tokina 2.8
35 Nikkor 1.8
50 Nikkor 1.8
16-85 Nikkor VR
18-200 Nikkor VR
18-125 Nikkor Kit lens
24-70 2.8 Nikkor
70-200 2.8 VRII Nikkor
70-300 VR Nikkor
18-105 VRII Nikkor
Nikon S5100 P&S
Nikon S51 P&S
Canon G11
Canon S95
Nikon F100
Minotta SR101(2)
Minotta XG-9
1.4 55mm Rokkor (Minolta)
2.5 28mm Vivitar
Vivitar 50-200mm Series 1
Leica IIIF
Sony MCV1000

Equipment I have owned:
Petre 7S

More about me:
I have been dabbling in photography since 1967. Hopefully, someday I will get it right. Currently, I like about 1 shot in 100. The screen name is from another hobby. it is my call sign for amateur radio. Many of my Flickr friends share both hobbies.

I post process most of my shots as I shoot mostly in RAW (NEF files). I use Adobe Lightroom 4.0 and Photoshop CS5 on my iMac and Macbook Pro. There is a steep learning curve on these Adobe products. They are like a hobby within a hobby. It is still fun learning them though.
73 (a hold over from telegraph days meaning "best wishes")

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Bill Hammond
December 2007
Dallas, Texas
Dallas, Texas, US
I am:
Male and Taken