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From ShadowLight, A Photographer's Life by Freeman Patterson

Potentially, we can find religious concern (ultimate caring about ultimate things) anywhere. This is because, in our heart of hearts, we all ask the question about the purpose and meaning of existence (especially our own) - and we attempt to answer it even by consciously ignoring the question or denying its importance. This is an issue from which we may consciously hide, but from which we can never escape, because it always remains firmly rooted in our unconscious self, emotionally linked to our instinct for self-preservation. We would rather be than not be.
Photography - both the craft and the art - helps me to be. It allows and enables me to live creatively, which is to honour Creation and my own existence. As I consciously pursue my craft, my concerns, anxieties, fears, loves, hopes and dreams bubble up from my unconscious. In this meeting of the conscious and unconscious, I can acknowledge my wounds and experience healing. Photography is neither a religion nor a panacea, but it provides me with the opportunity of "growing towards wholeness." And that, surely, is what the religious quest is all about.

What I would like to be able to do: look at my favourites, they speak thousands words. Thank you for your visit.

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Called home: Sarajevo (Bosnia) - Beograd (Serbia) - Windsor (Ontario, Canada) - Port Coquitlam, B.C.

I run two small groups here: Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! - a tribute to all photos inspired by good Dr. Seuss and Poezija i druge stvari..., a group that collects images combined with words in languages of ex-yu.
Also, my dear friends kindly included me in admin teams of their groups. Notice, I am not claiming any admin work there, cause I do not do any ;) More of a honorary member, really...
Polaris, Café Europa, les vieux livres - A library of yellowed paper, Only bLu and Violet Hill.

Please note, if you have no photos posted in your stream and no obvious reason (like a blog of your own) why you fave my photos or make me a contact, I will block you. The Flickr life so far has thought me this.

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    Tanjica Perovic says:

    "Coming to flickr was an enlightening moment for me as a photographer. One of the rays that brought light to totally new horizons in the understanding photography was Gordana's work. Its meaning streams out of the frame and leads to truth, to Creator bringing healing to oneself.

    Not only once have I recognised this influence in my own work.

    Hvala, Goco."

    April 20th, 2011

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    The Ghost of a Flea says:

    "Gordana is the whole reason I started Flickring in the first place and her zeal for photography is certainly one of my strongest inspirations.
    She sees things in such a different light and that wonderful vision is embedded in every shot.
    Unlike my other Flickrfriends who encourage me from hundreds or thousands of miles away, Gordana is (at least once a week) only an arms-length away, helping me to see things differently, teaching me, pushing me in a new direction or simply laughing with me.
    A fantastic shooter, thai food enthousiast and friend!"

    May 14th, 2009

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    Mackeson says:

    " … a celebration of light, shadow & life. “the harmonicas
    play the skeleton keys in the rain and these visions of [Gordana]
    are now all that remain.” (b. dylan)"

    April 7th, 2009

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    Lumase says:

    "Gordana's photostream is a place of leisure. She's developing her own definite and original style, where elements of pure joy fight for the light against a background of pain, restriction, human privations, hatred and injustice.
    She's been through the Balcan's war, and I think that this scar is noticeable in these works of hope, yet unforgotten.
    Keep an eye on this spot of humble strength: it's not a lost time."

    August 13th, 2008

Gordana Adamovic-Mladenovic
August 2007
Port Coquitlam, Canada
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