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My journey with photography started many years ago, as a young boy, when my father taught me how to use a manual focus Nikon RF. In those days, cameras only used film and focusing was not a point-and-click affair. As a 6 year old, it was magical: look into the RF, align the parallax lines to focus, then release the shutter. The photos that came back were not always in focus, but i remember spending hours pouring over the results, even the duds. Maybe it really was magic.

Fast forward time and i've never had a time in my life when i didn't own a camera, though as a teenager and young adult, it normally meant a simple point & shoot that was changed every so often as new model and tastes were released.

The next truly memorable camera i owned was in my mid-twenties, a Canon G9. As a scuba diver, i needed something that would allow me to take photos underwater, and the G9 fit the bill. It did it's job very well, but i always found it lacking when taking dry land shots.

Several years passed, and real life got in the way, photography took a back seat for a while. But lately, time and resources have become available and it's time to make a comeback.

My main motivation these days for everything i am is my family. Even with regards to photography. I realize that time passes so quickly, and my children are growing up before my eyes. If i blink, i'm liable to miss it all, or worse, forget the times i should remember. Photographs are a way to fortify the memories, to give a shape to a shade of the mind. If nothing else, as long as my photographs capture those moments, that will be enough for me.

Besides my family, street photography interests me. Give me a 35mm and drop me in a colourful busy street and i'll be happy. There is so much life in the streets, and the powerful thing about photography is it's ability to capture the essence of that life and tell whole stories with just a single exposure. To me, that brings back the magic of my first experience with cameras, with my dad's Nikon.

I'm not a great photographer, but i do take pride in the photos i take. So, i will always try my best to do the best. That has been how i approach anything i do in life, and it shouldn't be any different here. Eager to learn, fast to learn, a lifetime motto.

Thank you for reading this and viewing my photos. I invite you to join me in the journey, in search of the perfect photo.

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Aizuddin Danian
November 2011
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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