Hi! i'm Moyan Brenn an enthusiast photographer from Italy since many years. I love photography because it is one of my favourite hobbies and during my free time i like very much to take pictures of the best moments around me and of my travels and to share them with my friends. Enjoy!

In case of doubts please contact me in advance with a Flickr message:
--Basic info about the Creative Commons CC-By-2.0 license:
I'm publishing my pictures on Flickr just for fun, and so, I offer them for free without any warranty (If you want to use them do it at your own risk), under the terms and conditions of the license Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 reported here --> CC-By-2.0. Therefore, to use them, I demand to fully comply with such license, with special attention to the act of reporting my author credits, along with a link or clear reference to the CC-By-2.0 license legal code and to the present page containing my disclaimer notice, to clearly inform any user to which you eventually redistribute my pictures, about their rights, obligations and responsibilities if they decide to eventually reuse my pictures. Should this not happens, I reserve the right to revoke my authorization.
--Limits for Commercial/Editorial use of my images:
Be advised that, in general, in case of editorial or commercial use of pictures containing visible elements like famous landmarks, monuments, buildings, estates, churches, artworks, trademarks, or recognizable individuals, in addition to the picture author authorization, it is usually recommended to check if a further explicit consent from the authorities or owners of such visible elements called "property release" or "model release" may be necessary, which may also include an eventual tax or fee to pay, depending by the specific use (es. a printed advertisement campaign, or a website publication). In this sense, all my pictures (as usually happens with most Creative Commons or photostocks pictures), do not already include this explicit consent, and by using them, the final user accepts the responsibility to both verify if this explicit consent is effectively needed respect to the intended use, and if yes to also obtain it in advance from such authorities or owners at his own expense, independently from my author authorization and license. Regarding the visible individuals, if I am asked in advance with a Flickr message by explaining the intended use, I can eventually help to contact them to obtain the model release if I know who they are. AIternatively, I suggest to obfuscate such individuals (especially their faces) with a photo editing software at your own risk.
--Disclaimer of Warranties Notice:
In any case, as per Creative Commons CC-By-2.0 license, I don't provide any warranty in relation to my images, their quality, and any possible legal restriction in relation to their content and to the eventual need of a property release or model release respect to the intended use, as previously explained. I do not endorse any eventual activity, product, or publication containing my pictures, and I am not responsible for any possible consequence derived from the improper or illegal use of them. By using my pictures, especially for editorial or commercial purpose, the final user accepts to verify on his own if the chosen pictures can be effectively used as needed respect to any possible restriction or legal requirement, and to assume all the responsibility for any possible consequence derived from their use. In case of doubts, or if a solid warranty is needed, or especially in case of no acceptance to assume the responsibility previously explained, I strictly demand to not use my pictures and to eventually refer to a professional photography service.
Thank you

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June 2008
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