PLEASE NOTE: due to lack of time I’m currently checking my profile and messages only occasionally. For reference, below are reported my copyright guidelines already providing more information about my pictures. Just in case of other doubts or unusual needs, please also consider other works or resources this time. Thank you




Welcome to my Flickr profile, original source of all my works since 2008. Below more info and details are provided.

--:-- Introduction:

All the pictures from this Flickr profile are personal works for which I represent the author and owner of the copyright, the original files, and the present source profile: (Note: old alias “aigle_dore”)

--:-- Info about terms of use:

My pictures are provided as-is under cc-by-2.0, and require in particular for each use, to correctly credit the author and source. In this sense, I recommend a moderate and occasional use to better ensure their proper application as further explained in the information and disclaimer below.

--:-- Info about types of use:

Typically, when considering a picture, minor non-profit or private uses are often considered more acceptable, while commercial/editorial uses may occasionally include the application of additional terms. For instance, in case of certain types of buildings, monuments, objects, logos or other genres of visible elements, in addition to the author’s permission, it may be worth to check if any other consent may also be needed from the related owners, or the effective applicability of some commonly accepted principles like those indicated below.

--:-- Info about purpose and content:

All my pictures were taken as personal amateur works, and to depict elements of various genre and cultural interest I appreciated, in consideration of some commonly accepted principles typically allowing it, like ‘freedom of panorama’, ‘de minimis’ and ‘public domain’ (it’s worth to note that some aspects may vary or present some exceptions, depending on the effective use and other related factors).

--:-- Disclaimer / Violation of Terms:

All my works are provided as-is without any warranty of quality, description, or suitability for certain uses. It is not allowed to make any incorrect or inappropriate use of any kind, in relation to their intended purpose, nature and terms of use. No affiliation is implied or included, so I must be credited as author only in a proper and minimal way. It is also not allowed to make any use which directly involves the author or implies his endorsement (e.g. exhibitions, contests, sales, publications on his behalf etc…). In this sense, no responsibility is taken for any issue arising from the improper use of my works. With the exception of the specified pictures, any other personal content or resource cannot be reproduced. Any violation may imply an infringement claim or an abuse report. Where more appropriate, I also recommend the use of more professional works. Thank you




Currently this Flickr profile represents my only active resource of contact and reference. Please refer only to this page for any information regarding my pictures. If any other resource is available, it will be promptly reported here.

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