NOTE: due to lack of time, I'm currently less active and not very often reading messages. For reference, below are still reported my copyright info and terms in more detail. In case of further doubts, possibly avoid use this time.

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--:-- Introduction:

All the pictures from this gallery, including those previously present, were taken for recreational and cultural purposes, and published by me as author and owner of the original files through this Flickr profile, which represents the main and sole original source: - (I'm not affiliated with or owner of any other web page/profile)

--:-- Info about license requirements:

The license I provide is called cc-by-2.0, and includes for instance, to always reference the author and his original source (as indicated above), and that the work is provided "as-is". On the main website of the cc-by-2.0, it is possible to read the terms in more detail. In this sense, to better ensure to comply with the terms and prevent abuse or improper uses, an occasional and moderate use of my pictures is more welcome, while massive or particularly recurrent use should be avoided for the same reasons.

--:-- Info about non-profit / commercial use:

My pictures were generally made for recreational and cultural purposes and provided with cc-by-2.0. In this sense, although cc-by-2.0 license is often used for different purposes, while non-profit use is usually acceptable, for editorial or commercial use, further law terms and limits may possibly apply. For instance, in case of pictures with certain elements like monuments, artworks, interior or exterior of certain buildings, logos, or persons, in addition to the photographer license, it is often recommended to check if a further consent may also be needed from the owners of such elements in respect to the intended use, or the possible applicability of some generally accepted principles, like those indicated below, which sometimes may allow it (persons or some elements instead, could also be obfuscated with an editing software).

--:-- Info about photography principles:

When taking or using pictures it is often necessary to check if it is allowed or not depending by certain factors. In this sense, my pictures were generally taken in consideration of some various accepted principles, such as Freedom of Panorama, Berne Convention/Public Domain, and De Minimis. For such principles, (at least at the time my pictures were taken), in many countries were often allowed pictures of elements visible from public places (with some exceptions such as contemporary artworks), or when their original author was deceased for more than 70 or 150 years (also in absence of F.o.P.), or if they were depicted only by chance or in minimum part and without causing offense to anyone. However, it's worth to note that some aspects may vary over time, or present some exceptions to consider, particularly depending by the effective use made and its circumstances.

--:-- Terms Violation / Disclaimer:

My pictures are provided as recreational works without warranty of any kind regarding their quality, description, or suitability for certain purposes. I'm not affiliated with anyone externally to my profile, thus credits must be indicated with the sole intent to comply with the license provided. No use or modification of my pictures is allowed if the purpose is to cause abuse or offense to someone. No activity must be undertaken on behalf of my person (e.g. exhibitions, sales, contests etc...) without my prior consent. Any abuse attempt will imply the revocation of the license or further eventual measures to prevent it. For doubts or uses of a certain importance, I recommend the use of more professional works.


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