The very short version:

Telling it like it is.

The short version:

in no particular order.....
entrepreneur, textile designer, photographer, computer programmer, father, husband, adventurer, sailor, mountain biker, artist, teacher, hiker, volunteer, friend, and lover.

My Interestingness set is here.

The long version:

I grew up in a household where both my mother and father spent time in our basement darkroom, developing and printing pictures. I had my hands in the hypo at age 7, and when I was 10 I was surprised to find out that knowing how to make photos was not common knowledge. I thought everyone knew how to use an enlarger!

I was trained in architecture, but a desire to be more "hands on" led me to start a textile screen printing business, ZOO-INK Screen Print. Specializing in printing running yardage for the interiors industry, we became well known and sold our fabric around the world. Many pieces are now in private collections and museums, including the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (Smithsonian) in New York.

Photography has always been a hobby. I spent many years documenting my backpacking trips around the country, and longer treks in other parts of the world. My favorite camera was an Olympus OM-1, with a series of fixed focal length lenses. I shot Kodachrome slides, and my end product was generally a slide show set to music, with a little narration.

The digital revolution has reinvigorated my interest in Photography. Like many other Flickrites, I love the added control a computer can provide to fine tune my expression.

I have never classified myself as a certain type of photographer - I just know what I don't do. When outdoors, I will shoot anything that moves, and often things that don't move.

The scientist in me leads me to a documentary approach, in that I do not like the manipulation of photos - all I want to do is record what is there. My expression is revealed where I point the camera and when I click the shutter. Pure and simple.

I have a huge body of photographic work, some of which is experimental in nature, and someday I will put some of these on this site. For now, though, I am enamored with the immediacy that Flickr offers, and find the most fun in sharing, discussing, and commenting on recent moments.

What a great site!

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Alan Grinberg
February 2007
Pacifica, California, United States
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