I only upload a fraction of my photos to Flickr. If you like this roadside stuff (buildings, signs, statues), then you will enjoy my real life's work at my website where you'll find more than 60,000 photos of this sort of thing:

You might also enjoy my blog where you'll find different photos most of which don't appear at my website (the funkier buildings, crustier signs):

I copy my blog photos to my other Flickr account (roadsidenut). I include links to the blog posts in the captions below the photos.

My Photos
Please do NOT use my photos for any purpose (blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, publications, etc.) without my permission - even if you credit my website/blog/Flickr account.

My Flickr Groups

Bus Station Architecture
Coca-Cola Buildings
Dog N Suds Drive-ins (buildings & signs)
Egyptian Revival Architecture
Firestone Tire Stores
former Fotomat
Imperial 400 Motels
Mid-Century Architecture (Non-Residential)
Old "Real" Diners
Roadside Teepees
Vintage Car Showrooms
Vintage Gas Stations
Pure Oil Cottage Stations

Vintage Signs
All Skate!
Bulb Signs
Clock Signs
Foster's Freeze Ice Cream
Let's Bowl!
Masonic Lodge Signs
Neon "Extensions"
Neon Critters
Neon Objects
Neon People
Neon Sweet Tooth
Neon Transportation
Opal Glass Signs
Roto-Spheres & Sputnik Signs
Scaffold Signs

Roadside News
Fairy Tale Parks / Santa Parks
Roadside Dinosaurs
Vintage Mini Golf
Begging Dogs / Trick Dogs

The Dogs
My life revolves around my four dogs. They accompany me on all my roadtrips. You can find their photos and stories at this section of my website:

Other Stuff
I grew up in California but spent most of my adult life (32 yrs.) living in New York City. I moved back to California in 2012. If you want to know more about me, I have a little page at my site here:

I hope you enjoy my photos and sharing in my adventures.

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    avilon_music says:

    "For those of us who love old neon signs, roadside attractions and the unique Americana that was produced in the last century no one has found or cataloged more of this than Debra Jane Seltzer the amount of miles she has traveled through small towns, large cities and everything in between is truly amazing ............. the work that Debra does takes time and a lot of effort including the research explaining about the images you have the opportunity to view.
    Many of the things and places shown on her stream are closed and I'm sure quite a few of them no longer even exist so in this regard we are lucky to have someone document so well what used to be.
    In closing do yourself a favor and check out the wonderful body of work that Debra Jane has done here on flicker or on her various websites which I also enjoy and you certainly will too"

    August 22nd, 2011

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    Vintage Roadside says:

    "Debra Jane has quietly put together one of the most important records of 20th Century America. The photos are wonderful, but the research she puts together for these places is the real gem.

    So, for all the miles on the road, days away from home, money spent on gas and the countless hours of overtime that make these trips possible - thank you!"

    November 6th, 2009

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    写真家 / 摄影师 says:

    "I've followed Debra Jane Seltzer's photographic odyssey across America and Canada. I've never seen anything quite like her dedication to a vision before. I can't imagine the number of hours spent researching, compiling, planning, mapping, driving, shooting, downloading, correcting, sorting, uploading, archiving and commenting on the images she has recorded each year. Has she mastered space and time to put 48 hours into a day? Perhaps!

    She is single handedly saving a vision in America's time that is a rapidly disappearing reality. Give her a hand. Send her your thoughts on things to be saved during her photographic journeys. Those that do will be helping academics that will be teaching your grandchildren 25 years in future. I know some day Debra Jane will be recognized as a national resource. In my opinion she already is."

    February 15th, 2009

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    Jacob...K says:

    "There are alot of people who photograph roadside arcitecture on Flickr, but there is only one master and that master is Agilitynut. There is no one with a larger collection of roadside pictures or knowledge bar none. I envy her sense of adventure."

    October 22nd, 2007

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    Dania Hurley says:

    "agilitynut is out there doing God's work every day. She's documenting every last little thing built during the 20th century that made America unique, distinctive or most importantly, fun. As every day, someone else decides to paint over something wonderful or tear it down, she is saving these signs, buildings, and roadside attractions so that we can all see it whenever we'd like.

    Keep up the good work, please, Debra - your entire photostream is a joy."

    October 6th, 2007

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    FotoEdge says:

    This Flickerite has the finest collection of Roadside Attractions photographed by one person. The subjects are Old Signs (Neon& Steel), Roadside Giants, Diners, Gas Stations, Drive-In Theatres and various other fading and forgotten roadside landmarks of the the 20th Century. There is much historic research and interesting facts included with all the images. For a look at this extensive collections of FAVS visit her site at www.RoadsideArchi...
    I hope that she can keep doing this work for a long time to come. This is the "Real Thing", a body of work we can all trust as a authentic glimpse into the life on the streets of America in the 20th Century.
    Best Wishes,
    Bob (www.FotoEdge.com)"

    December 31st, 2006

Debra Jane Seltzer
September 2005
Ventura, CA