Hi! I'm Alexis Finch [known on the web as agentFin]. I am utterly delighted to be living in Oakland, CA, though I spend my time all over the place doing research & consulting work. I've lived in Chicago, Paris and Brooklyn, but I'm originally from the East Coast and feel most at home with hills, winding roads and the Atlantic. I dealt with the "but we have the lake!" rebuttal for the 14yrs I lived in Chicago, to which I reply: Go see Splash. It's not the same.

I'm the pencil behind GraphiteMind specializing in sketchnotes of technology topics, but really anything particularly gnarly or apparently boring.

I do talks about metaphor and memory, get people to draw dinosaurs, teach sketchnotes and infographics workshops, and do murals / installation pieces to incite curiosity like this one "Think Here" for DevBootcamp Chicago [time lapse video of the mural creation].

I'm also the Principle of AgentFin Consulting, acting freelance UXer, or 'applied anthropologist.' I do field research, as well as branding, creative marketing, content strategy, information architecture and prototyping. I get to work with amazing people, pulling them in as special teams for projects, as well as joining up with in-house experts.

You can always find/holler at me as agentfin on twitter.

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August 2007
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