Creation makes my life more interesting !

Immersed myself in natural ,admiring Gods creation, and capturing the images that portray the magic moments and experience the beauty of the earth.





Phase oneXF 100MP Camera System

Schneider Kreuznach 35mm LS f/3.5/120mm LS f/4.0 Macro/80mm LS f/2.8


Sinar p3DF System

Sinarback eVolution 75 H

Sinaron Digital CMV line of lenses HR90mm/150mm

Sinaron Digital - Sinar LC Shutter


Hasselblad H3DII 31

Hasselblad lenses 28mm/80mm/120mm macro


Canon 5DII/5DIII

Canon lenses 50mm/16-35mm/24-70mm/100mm macro/70-200mm


Dji Magic II Pro



Broncolor Power Packs

Pulso G Lamp 1600 J

Picolite Small Lamp

Minicom 80

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