Clarkson Potter published a compilation of detachable acquaintance cards based on my collection! Some of the ones in the showcase below are included in it. For more information about the book, head over to Amazon and take a look at May I See You Home? 19th-Century Pickups for 21st-Century Suitors or see the publisher's page.


Here's the publisher's description of the book: "Full of cheek and charm, these authentic acquaintance cards are how people broke the ice (and got lucky) around the turn of the century. Use them today (or tonight) to find love. Culled from the collection of Alan Mays, the internet’s most prolific collector of antique acquaintance cards, comes this set of forty-eight flirtation cards (twenty-four unique designs, each printed twice) to tear out and give as a valentine, joke, or token of affection (or to keep for a laugh). These cards are the perfect sweet-but-not-saccharine gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and dates."


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Albums: Acquaintance Cards, Calling Cards, and Strange and Unusual.

Printed Ephemera: Ye Gilded Boob and Anti-Poke Your Nose Into Other People's Business Society.

Vintage Photos: Elias M. Baugher, Teacher and Pipe-Smoking Television Man.


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Flickr says that Twin Girls with Bows and One-Man Music Machine rate highest for interestingness.

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May I See You Home? Showcase of Acquaintance Cards


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maruebe says:

An a-Mays-ing collection!

December 8, 2017