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My name is Adrian Ruiz.
"I am what some may call a geek, with greater emphasis on the word 'Geek' rather than 'nerd'. I believe there is a distinct difference between the two. While both may be considered knowledgeable, one may be considered a little more suave in natural settings."

I love what I do. I can't sit, work, drive or think without music. I never sleep well without music. I am overly simple, yet complex. I live to have no regrets. I daydream. I carry my iPhone everywhere I go. I love my iPhone. I am not a neat freak. I have a special girl in my life. I am a little romantic. I tend to overanylize. I watch sports in mute, so I can listen to music. I think the way we treat each other sucks. I am overly animated. I tend to under react. I think MySpace/Facebook has become creepy. I am the most reliable person I know. I am indecisive. I listen to Joshua Radin religiously. I am too nice. I wish I had more time for me. I pick on myself. I can ramble incessantly. I am a full time Technical Director for a pretty big production company, I also make things pretty being a graphic designer, part time student, part time teacher, part time sales guy, part time DUBer, part time photographer, part time video guy. I obsess over anything Apple. I can come off as shy. I think graph paper is better than ruled paper. I spend way to much time on the computer. I am rather nerdy. I think humor is the best cure for anything. I love t-shirts. I love myself. I love illustrator. I love cherrios. I'm going to stop writing because im starting to ramble on and on and on....

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Adrian Ruiz
September 2005
Downey, CA
Downey, CA, USA
I am:
Male and Taken
Technical Director/Graphic Designer