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My name is Brian Marshall and I am the founder of the Adopt-A-Bot Orphanage. Creating robots is my obsession. The appreciation for how things fit together to create infinite new possibilities began innocently enough long ago with Lincoln Logs, Legos, and Erector Sets. Many hours were spent creating colossal contraptions imagined as part of my alternate universe. My love for things old was encouraged by both my father and mother. Dad was always breathing life back into old cars, lawnmowers, just about anything with a motor. Mom would lead me into the fantastic world of yard sales and flea markets to find furniture worthy of a new start – that diamond in the rough. Years later, an unusual lamp in a movie rekindled that childhood love to construct. I began building my own lamps, clocks, and more, with the objects I had so often seen on my Saturday morning excursions into the world of junk. Then the day came when I flipped over a teapot and saw a face for the first time. After that, the focus of my work slowly changed from functional to fun. First came the Nightwatchmen, a series of robotic busts with eyes that lit up to scare away intruders in the night. Eventually, those heads grew bodies and the Adopt-A-Bot orphanage was born. Since then the robots have taken on a life of their own as I facilitate the rebirth of parts discarded as useless.
Each robot is constructed almost entirely from reused materials. These materials are cleaned and polished to varying degrees depending on the persona I am attempting to achieve. Even the nuts and bolts that are used to hold together each creation are from a recycler. With simple, fun designs that contain easily recognizable pieces, it is my hope that viewers will not only find a personality to connect with, but that they will also see the value of and possibilities for reducing, reusing and recycling in our world today.


Brian Marshall

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    Tinkerbots says:

    "Brian, is Amazing! I wish he lived near by so we could hang out together and go on great treasure hunts...
    Brian's skill, imagination and talent is second to none... I am so excited to see what he will come up with next... He has a wonderful unique style that always brings a smile. Brian has also become a great friend... Always ready with kind support and enthusiasm...
    Many thanks Brian! You inspire me~"

    February 25th, 2012

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    CyberCraft Robots says:

    "Of all of us who are doing this, I think Brian has the most imagination. I really really really love his work. I love that it is simple, uncluttered, yet so expressive. I can tell by looking when a bot is one of his, yet they absolutely to not all look alike. AND they make me happy.

    I will buy one some day, and it will be welcome to hang out in our Orbiting Laboratory. In fact, Brian, if you ever want to transport up, just let us know."

    June 22nd, 2010

Brian Marshall
September 2008
Wilmington, DE, U.S.A
I am:
Adopt-a-bot: Found Object Art Robot Assemblage Orphanage