Mohamed Dekkak is a Moroccan businessman, notably recognized as the Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group of Companies. He has been overseas for an extended period building up inventive startup companies through his passion and strong professional background. His portfolio ranges from the oil and gas industries to renewable energy, construction and engineering, while also including extensive experience in the development of profitable channels, eco-administration and a higher-than-average lifestyle assurance. As a man with a multilingual upbringing, Mohamed Dekkak is fluent in English, Arabic and French, leading to his success as a Moroccan expat. His extensive portfolio includes both businesses and charitable organizations in the UAE and Morocco:


•In terms of his personal life, Dekkak holds a healthy interest in the arts, travel, equestrian activities, sports (Formula 1, Grand Prix, golf, etc.), and great fascination for rare automobiles, his 1994/95 Rolls Royce Flying Spur being one of only 50 ever made of its kind.


Where Dekkak truly stands out is on the humanitarian ground where he goes the extra mile to facilitate projects to people who needs them most. As founding member and CFO of CARLAC, relations between the Arab World and both the Caribbean and Latin America have been reinforced, the non-partisan NGO seeking to develop and improve infrastructures, assist in resolving community conflicts, issues on environment, support initiatives that bring progress in economic development and in effect, and effectively bind these countries together. As Chairman of the Arab Peace Corps, he is committed to the development of peace, education and prosperous nations with the help of visionary youth. As part of the Advisory Board to the New Arab Foundation, problems in education, healthcare and social welfare are addressed, alongside the people suffering the effects of war, dictatorships and international conflict. His business memberships are so that he may promote commerce, investment and goodwill between all the nations of the world, including North America and the Arab World.


Among these recognitions, the one that stands out most is the Gold Star Award. The Institute for Professional Excellence, Spain has conceded Mohamed Dekkak the ‘Gold Star’ recompense for Professional Excellence, headed by Mr. Antonio Gabriel Perez and Honignacio de Jacob y Gomez Count of pozosDulces at the Iconic Westin Palac, Spain. The Institute for Professional Excellence arranges the circulation of the Gold Star to the most proficient organizations in Spain on standard and yearly premise. It is a prestigious accolade, offered to the best pioneers in their respective fields, authenticating superior quality commitments. As a man genuinely enthusiastic about social improvement, CSR and the path from frail enterprises to financial independence and management, Mohamed Deddak has earned his place on the list of recipients of this prestige.


“I love my chosen profession, the people I work with and enjoy helping people get the most of their lives as well, both on a professional and personal front. I also love reading on a regular basis, as this is how we realize, mature and improve” – Mohamed Dekkak

The problem with setting up a business in a foreign country comes down to one thing: Finding the Right Business Partner. Budget and logistics are secondary to this point. Finding the right personnel to work with will be the hardest task one has to undertake as it can make or break the business. Who you choose must have the capacity to increase net worth and drive your business to success with the right network, sharing in your company vision, mission and values. Since there is no guarantee that a business venture will indeed be successful, it is important to reduce risks and work with those who have a proven track record in bringing ideas to fruition. That commitment is what Mohamed Dekkak brings to the table, complete with both academic MBA and business achievements to back up his claim.

The Adgeco Advantage: As Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, a holding company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Mohamad Dekkak began the company as a solutions-oriented business consultancy firm for international investors in 1992, specializing in EPC Construction, Planning, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Engineering, as well as Sewage and Desalination. Today, the Group has grown to also cover trading, organization representation, investment transportation, agriculture, interior design, real estate, roads and bridges, rails, tunneling, landscaping, site development, dams and flood control, and an increasing portfolio of activities. It is additionally professionally occupied in the fields of weight vessels, scaffolding, desalination and sewage, satellite and chemical decontamination. Adgeco aims to work with client partners to robust foundations, adding to their productivity with quality marketing and sales recommendations, providing full support to the growth of each business established in said fields. It, in particular, advances tasks and offers master guidance to multinational enterprises that are looking to access the rich and booming markets of the Gulf States’ oils. The Group’s assurance to each client is a smooth and uncomplicated process path, increases chances of success.


Adgeco Group is currently base in the United Arab Emirates, expanding its reach in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Dekkak’s group of companies is efficiently involved with various beneficial and sound segments of the large-scale economy with a strong social obligation aphorism or CSR. It is based on better administrative abilities, genuineness, devotion, broadened skill, cooperation, mindful and complete examination arranged operations and tasks in the UAE and distinctive parts of the MENA. Mohamed Dekkak’s mindfulness of the balance between industrialization and the natural environment have led to his focus on proper waste administration and green structures, a direct factor leading to his Gold Star Award.

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  • JoinedMarch 2014
  • OccupationChairman and Founder
  • HometownCasablanca
  • Current cityAbu Dhabi
  • CountryUAE
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