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We used to like taking photos until work took over most of our times. When Adeeb came along, we jump started our hobby and then joined flickr. After looking at the various incredible and magnificent photos by you and other flickr members, we've become more motivated to pursue this hobby further.

Thanks for your kind comments, invitations, favourites, testimonials, awards and visits. We hope, as a result of these, we'll improve further and thus, be able to come up with better photos in the future to share with you guys.

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Update: We have new additions to the family:

Radhi Akib, Adeeb's little brother.
Amirah Batrisyia
Izzatul Husna

Deebs is actually Adeeb.

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    ineedathis, Everyday I get up, it's a great day! says:

    "When I first made Zim a contact was while back and the reason was I admire the fact everything else is secondary to her and thats because of my little buddy, he is so adorable its just a bundle of joy to see, each time I see my little friend the smile stays on my face all day long,
    Zim has a quality that I just can't say enough a wonderful person with heart of gold and thats reflected on all her comments,
    I am so thankful that I have her as a friend, and lets not forget the person behind all this is a Father that solidifies the whole family,
    What can I say about her awesome talent of picture taking, isn't
    she just awesome! You just have to love her talent !!!
    Thank you my friend for being who you are, a special Lady,

    June 2nd, 2008

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    *Peanut (Lauren) says:

    "A family with talented photographers who are so kind and sweet. Both parents do amazing work and I love looking at their stream and their adorable son. I am always inspired by your work and kindness--thanks for being my contact! Keep up the good work!"

    May 27th, 2008

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    vedd says:

    "What else can I say, a family of great photographers. I can't really tell who takes the pictures, but I can be assured that whatever came out from this great family is a rewarding experience browsing through Flickr. Keep up the good work!"

    January 14th, 2008

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    p o o m b a t t a says:

    "This is all i have to say about 'Adeeb Aqil' - "Everytime I see an image from this person,my jaw drops ! "

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful images with the world. Thanks for being an amazing friend :)"

    September 11th, 2007

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    Dashuki Mohd says:

    "I should have written this testimonial earlier.

    "Adeeb Aqil" has a wonderful touch on every single shot taken, particularly the macro shots. The composition, colors and the sharpness of the images make you wonder how he/she did it. It is such a joy to visit his/her photostream.

    Keep up the excellent work my friends and thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us !"

    September 2nd, 2007

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    fendyzaidan says:

    "i'm so envy with his/her selection of lens. so so envy. but lens doesnt make a good photographer. so it must be his/her talent. so at awww when seing their micro bugs photo. with great colors and have stories to tell..."

    August 24th, 2007

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    PhilBailey Photography says:

    "What a joy to have found adeeb_aqil on flickr !!!! With such a wonderful mix of pics you never know what is comming and they are always so beautiful and pure. I find myself wanting to fav them all !!! Thanks so much for your kind words & keep those pics comming."

    July 28th, 2007

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    CharlieBrown8989 says:


    We never met when I live in Malaysia.

    I discovered her on flickr explore.

    I have reviewed her site here, I am totally impressed with her skill & knowledge in Photography. She do very well in almost all category.

    She did even superb if not excellence on Nature; Flowers & Macro.

    Please visit her more to be inspired & motivated.

    Thank you for your kindness & sharing with the community.

    You are great.

    I appreciate it...."

    July 15th, 2007

Adeeb Aqil
April 2007