30 year old photographer who never has more than 30 minutes of shooting at one time. I am very busy, but am in love with the craft. So, sadly most are snapshots. Sadder yet, I've gone through 3 point and shoots in the last 3 years. The time in between is very dark and depressing. Right now: Canon A1100 ($150).

DSLR or diapers; DSLR or Dora The Explorer; DSLR or pajamas for my wife...the latter, the latter, the latter.


Canon A1100...feel sorry for me...very sorry.


****Update**** I found a steal: D50 for $225 (18-55mm incl.). But the command dial doesn't work. Yet it is a step up from the Canon!!!!


****Update**** Command dial fixed ($75).


****Update**** Thank You B&H Photo: D5000, swivel screen, HD Video, Dream Camera (realistically). I finally have the camera I wanted for a long time, but I also have four beautiful offspring (taking after Mom), Photography or Family? The latter...for now.

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