It's my camera and I'll point it where I want to


Usual story, lots of photo toys and not enough time to use them.


I like Urban Fragments, street photography and abstract shots best. My photographer's eye is definitely tuned to quirky realism rather than pictorial beauty. Though I sometimes relapse into pretty landscapes, but this is usually followed quickly by a bout of self-flagellation and a resolve not to repeat the transgression.


I love B&W but I also shoot a lot of color.. if I convert a photo to B&W, I regard that as the highest honour I can bestow upon it. I consider fewer than 1% of my photos to be good enough for this however. Check out my favourites - these are the types of photos I aspire to.


I use digital and film. Canon DSLRs with the best glass I can afford, and more often than not, my phone. Or perhaps a compact if I remembered to bring it. On the film side, a mixture of vintage gear as well as a Canon Film SLR that shares my lenses.


My day job involves international travel a few times a year; sometimes this affords the opportunity for some photography. Just poke around my flickr albums, you'll figure it out fairly soon. Definitely best to browse by albums rather than just diving into the photostream.


I'm also the Admin for the Wellington Street Photography group.

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