The Activestills collective was established in 2005 by a group of Israeli and international documentary photographers, out of a strong conviction that photography is a vehicle for social and political change. We believe in the power of images to shape public attitudes and to raise awareness on issues that are generally absent from public discourse. We view ourselves as part of the struggle against all forms of oppression, racism, and violations of the basic right to freedom. We work on various topics in Israel and Palestine including; the Palestinian popular struggle against the Israeli occupation, women’s rights, immigration, asylum-seekers, social justice struggles, the siege on Gaza, housing rights, animal rights and more.
Our work as a collective is based upon the belief that mutual work serves each photographer‘s personal statement, and that joint projects will create shared statements that are more powerful than individual ones. The collective, now consisting of nine photographers, operates in Israel/Palestine and focuses on social and political documentation, publications, and exhibitions.
Israeli public opinion is shaped first and foremost by the mainstream media, which is shifting to become more racist and violent. The impact of this shift is evident in increased public support for violent military operations, racist legislation, and discriminatory policies. We wish to challenge these changes with our work. Each time our photos are published, either in the mainstream media or in alternative channels, they convey messages that challenge oppression and bring the voices of the unheard into public discourse.
Activestills often uses public space for exhibitions in order to more directly influence public opinion and bring about social and political change.

Photographers: Ahmad al-Bazz, Shiraz Grinbaum, Keren Manor, Shahaf Polakow, Anne Paq, Ryan Rodrick Beiler, Yotam Ronen, Tess Shaflan, Oren Ziv

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