Abina Co. Ltd Which took ours first steps in the business world with ours objectives inclined towards the future in 1983, hold on production activities with innovative approach. Our company started to produce on area of harvesting and planting technology We have expanded our production lines in time.

Now, we are produce


- Green Forage Crops Roll Baler Machine

- Baling Machine

- Bale Collecting Machine

- Straw Collecting Machines

- Corn Harvesting Table

- Sunflower Harvesting Table

- Solid Manure Spreader

- Liquid Manure Spreader Tank

- Garden Fertilizer Trailer

- Stone Collecting Machine

- Mulcher Machine

- Potato & Beet Seed Cleaning Machine

- Bough Shredder Machine

- Stalk Cutting Machine

- Fruit Picking Trailer

to be ELİBOL brand in Sandıklı, Afyonkarahisar / TURKEY


- Universal Seed Drill

- Pneumatic Precision Planter

- Irrigation Machines

- Cultivators

- Fertilizer Spreader Machine

to be GÜNGÖR brand in Malkara, Tekirdağ / TURKEY


- Potato Planting and Harvesting Machine

- Onion Harvesting Machine

- Fertilizer Spreader and Hoe Machine

to be ERTUĞRUL brand in Nevşehir / TURKEY


- Pumpkin and Watermelon Seed Harvesting Machine

- Pumpkin and Watermelon Anchor Machine

- Pumpkin and Watermelon Ranging Apparatus

to be SIMAKSAN brand in Nevşehir / TURKEY


- Potato Planting and Harvesting Machine

- Soil Preparation and Cushioning Machine

- Fertilizer Spreader and Hoe Machine

to be YİĞİTSAN brand in Nevşehir / TURKEY


- Animal Feed Mixing Machine

- Animal Feed Crushing Machine

- Animal Feed Grinding Machine

to be ANADOLU brand in Konya / TURKEY


- Siprinkler Irrigation Pipes and Fittings

- Rounded & Flat Drip Irrigation Pipes and Fittings

- Hoses

- PPRC Pipes and Fittings

to be SERTSAN brand in Menemen, İzmir / TURKEY


- PVC-u Well Casing & Screen Pipes & Fittings

- PVC-u Column Pipes and Fittings

- PVC-u Pressured Clean Water Pipes & Fittings

- HDPE 100 Pipes & Fittings

- HDPE Corrugated Pipes & Fittings

- HDPE Irrigation Pipes & Fittings

to be MASNA brand in Turgutlu, Manisa / TURKEY


- Butt Welding Machines

- Electro Fusion Welding Machines

to be ALKATEM brand in Kazan, Ankara / TURKEY


- Sectional Steel Bolded Water Tanks

to be ABINA brand in Konya / TURKEY, in 10 factories


The newly established R&D unit to present the excitement of our products, our farmers are on international standard.

Our all products are in international EN, TS and ISO Quality Management Norms. Also, our products have CE Certificate.


The company exports to 27 countries on three continents, our biggest goal is to become a brand internationally.


Our Certificates

- TSE Certificate

- Certificate After Sales Service

- Service Certificate of Competence

- CE Certificate

- Warranty Certificate

- Certificates Service

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