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I love to be added, meet new people, and comment on their pictures, if you are in my list, I will drop by and comment on every picture you post, cause it helps me learn new things, on how to frame and compose a picture, and I am constantly learning from them, however, I liked to be commented too, and not just one way, thus if I don't get regular comments from you I will remove you, Even though my list is big, I am constantly keeping track of each and every contact, since I consider them as my friend.

Professional Newbie, that is learning photography.

All I would like to say about myself is that I love nature and lot, and absolutely admire and adore all the elements of it, I didn't use to care much about Nature before, but once I got into Photographing things, I simply love Nature, and feel like caring for it. I am a Business Graduate, who is studying Commercial subjects, Photography was always a keen interest for me, when I was a kid I used to shoot a lot from my P&S Film camera.

My first Digital was a Fujifilm A101 1.3mp, with no Manual controls and a 8mb card, I used to enjoy shooting from it a lot. My 2nd Digital was a Canon A630, it had manual controls and a lovely multi angle LCD, I learnt my basic in photography from that. For 2 years I used to shoot from it, I also got my first Lightning from it.

Photography has not only got me to discover my hidden talent in capturing the most beautiful landscapes, I see everyday in my daily life, it has also made me find new friends, all over the world and share equal vibes and interests, I love to make friend all around the world.

My Primary type of Photography is Landscape, water falls and Sunset/rise and also Flowers, I also love shooting Lightnings and fireworks, but since they are seasonal, they are not among my frequent works. I love shooting HDR a lot, since it brings out the hidden details nicely, I dont like over doing it.

I am also a huge Computer Geek, with a water cooled system, I am a gamer, and a overclocker and I am a team member of the best Indian Overclocking team named Team THL. I make my own PCs and sell them so I can fund my Lenses.
Here is a picture of my latest work.

I have a Facebook account too:
You can send me a message here, and I will add you, Since I already have thousands of pending requests from the games I play on facebook lol (like Mafia wars, etc), so send me a msg and I will add you.

Till then my lovely friends, Thanks a lot if you made it this far, Thanks for your time and interest in my photostream.

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    MadonnaJAway says:

    ""You are a great photographer, your photographs are wonderful. They show a great creative potential. Your photographs are little masterpieces, the compositions are wonderful, the flowers are fabulously colorful. You is
    a master of landscape photography.
    Thank you for your comments.""

    May 16th, 2009

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    HaitchP says:

    "ANP has some awesome photos. Hes great in all areas , From macro to Wideangle he really knows what hes doing. Hes got a unique eye for capturing unusual shots and i like alot of his Ideas"

    January 15th, 2009

Abhishek Patel
October 2008
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